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What works for all?

What works for all?

I have been (PE) exercising on and off for two years. First I used to jerk and stretch for 10min. Three weeks I gained 0.5 both length and girth. I became confused when I found out more info about PE. Some say intense stretch is good for length and some say overdoing will lead to no gain. Some say 10min is enough some say 30min is not enough to produce result. Some say hanging is good some say manual stretch, jerk etc. What works for all?

The tragedy of life is not that man loses but that he almost wins.

Jerk? Or Jelq?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

oops i ment Jelq

The tragedy of life is not that man loses but that he almost wins.


I’m not sure there is a one size fits all model to PE. What will work well for one, might not another. PE is one of those things that is very individualized and should be that way.

Having said that, manual stretching works well either alone or in conjunction with other methods. My advice is to use one program for a bit and then upgrade the exercises to a new level when your penis becomes accustomed to what you are doing to it. And by upgrade I mean a longer session, or maybe a more intense session, or maybe adding a new component. Tailor make your routine to your needs. Always make sure you warm up first, get those tissues ready and limber before doing anything else. I think you will find that heat will become an important part of your routine. And yes, some guys don’t, others do. Try it and then decide, I am a firm believer in heating tissues before stretching or anything else you do to them.

Good luck in creating your own personal routine, based on all the information here. I know you will chose the one that is best for you.

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Thanks i am working on finding out what work best for me.

The tragedy of life is not that man loses but that he almost wins.

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