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Foreskin queston

Foreskin queston

Hello, I’m new to the forum and PE in general and have a question about foreskin.

I noticed that in some of the “how - to” s it says to pull back the foreskin before stretching. I myself am uncircumsized, but am unable to retract my foreskin due to a tight foreskin. Is there any danger in doing manual stretching without retracting the foreskin?

Many thanks,

- Tainted

I don’t believe this is a real problem (I can stretch without pull back at all), but IMHO I think you should go to an urologist for a simple visit. You can perform some exercises (essentially repeated _soft_ foreskin pull/pull back) and there are warm/hot water and some creams to apply for loosening foreskin’s tightness, maybe it’s a phimosis or a paraphimosis or probably just a “frenulum breve”. BTW circumcision is almost always unnecessary to resolve this problem, but again a medical advice is better.

P.S. Don’t forget to use the search function in this site for other questions or doubts. Often they are already answered before ;)

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