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Foreskin interferes with stretching

Foreskin interferes with stretching

Well I’ve just started doing a few PE exercises, but I’ve hit upon a little problem. I can’t seem to get a good grip with which to do any stretching. I use both hands and grip realtively hard, but I can’t pull very hard without having my hands slip off. And I can’t grip any harder, because I already find that stretches put a lot of pressure right on the head, causing some discomfort. Does anyone gave any suggestions for good stretching grips?

Use one of those rubber gloves usually used for the dishes! That will do the trick!

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Langemann is right. I use one when doing manual stretching because I have a skin bridge from circumcision that will not allow me to get a good stretch without them. You may want to buy the hypo-allergenic type if you have sensitive skin.

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I stretch with my foreskind retracted, with pressure mostly on the side and using an overhand OK. Maybe that will work for you.

The grip thing is really important as the other guys have said. Something like a piece of smooth cloth (t-shirt offcut), talc or baby powder or as mentioned a plastic glove will help.

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Memento and others discussed this subject in this thread.

Alot of useful observations there, take a look.

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Looks like a jelqing reference to me DT, you’re slipping :D

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try out a few things and see what works for me

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