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Flaccid penis.

Flaccid penis.

Hey everybody. I hope you are all doing GREAT..
I have a problem getting an erection in the shower during my newbie routine before jelqs.
Does it really matter whether I am semi hard or flacid?
Please assist.

And, I have never fully understood the “Workout” before doing stretches and the other exercises.What exactly does that embody?

My routine

Warm shower for the boys for 10 minutes
Warm shower for the boys

Do I have this right?

Please lend your assistance.

Thanks to all for your ongoing support and Think HAPPY thoughts


Heh you know something it’s very hard for me to get a good erection going in the shower too, I used to be able to pretty well now it feels weird, no porn, standing up with water all over me haha. I can’t do it. I remeber I was in the shower with my girl and I had a harder time getting it up too, I wonder what it is about showers.

Also what do you mean by workout before doing stretches and other exercises, the workout is the jelqs and stretches, well at least the meat and potatoes of the workout. Do you mean doing a little bit of warming up like edging or just getting it hard?

Yeah getting it up in the shower can be a task its something about the water hitting you just makes it distracting i think… I usually do a hot wash cloth for the warmup do my stuff then hop in the shower for the warm down.

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I may have confused the warm up with the warm wrap..

What is edging?

Thanks guys.I’ll save the shower for later.

Originally Posted by Warlord1962
I may have confused the warm up with the warm wrap..
What is edging?
Thanks guys.I’ll save the shower for later.

Edging, is masturbating and bringing yourself to the “edge” of ejaculation, but kegeling and holding it back repeatedly. Edging and ballooning are ways of acheiving male multiple orgasms. (MMO’s)

Also, you might want to use vitamin E oil if you are jelqing in the shower. It allows me to “feel” enough to get aroused, but not too excited to get my work done.

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I ended the shower routine and started watching some porn, which has helped. The only thing is at the end of the session I always cum. Will this hinder any gains? Also Will masturbation of any sort hinder gains?

Thanks all

You guys rock!

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