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Injury stiff penis when flaccid

Injury stiff penis when flaccid

I’ve done PE the past 6 months. I had gr8 results the first 1-2 months when I was taking everything slow.
Then I got psoarisas on my glance with made PE hard to do but I continued anyways..

The last 4 months I’ve only been doing stretches in the shower like 40sec * 10. And rested 1 day and then 2 days again. Last month I’ve had a feeling of beeing ‘stiff’ all the time (not rock hard but stiff)

So when I’m flaccid I still feel it stiff (I’m not soft!) and also it hurs a liiiiiiitle bit (not much but just a feeling that something is not ok). I’ve rested from PE for 2 weeks now. I was wonderig if some massage or some soft jelqs could help but I don’t know.

When I have sex I have pretty har erections but now fluid to the glance and after I’ve cum I go quickly into flaccid (stiff flaccid). I feel that I can’t manage to but into more blood into the penis. Any1 with similiar feelings?

Garga, first of all, read the forum guidelines. Gr8? Any1? No chat talk allowed here.

If it hurts, it’s bad. That is the general rule of PE. So take a break until you feel ok.

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Why do I get the feeling I have read this post a hundred times? It’s weird. Always the same symptoms, always the first post.
I seem to remember a MrNisen… and several others.

Pe gave me ED

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