First time with the newbie routine - Thoughts Suggestions

Hey! I just finished luvdadus’s newbie routine. I had a quick skim read of all the sections and wrote down the main points so I could take them with me to the bathroom, then I ran my bath.

Now this is a pretty important question and I guess it might be asked a lot, but can you do the newbie routine whilst you’re in a hot bath? Am I right in thinking that your body from the neck down being covered in hot water has the same effect of a ‘hot wrap’ (heating the tissue of the penis)?

Anyway, I covered my semi-erect cock (does it need to be erect, flaccid or semi erect?) with a hot flannel (facecloth) for around 5 minutes resoaking it with hot water every 20 seconds or so.

Then I started with stretching. Now I’m uncut so I’ve got a feeling it makes this part abit more complicated mainly because my head (glans) is sensitive like most uncut men so having to hold tightly onto it for 30 seconds at a time was uncomfortable! Anyway, I did ten 30 second stretches:

1 x pull down right
1 x pull down left
1 x pull down
1 x pull straight out
1 x pull up

Then repeated all 5 again in that order. Is that a decent stretching method?

Next I went onto the jelqs. I got out some ‘Light Moisturisng & Cleansing Lotion’ (Is that alright to use for jelqing?) and applied a generous amount. I got myself semi-erect and then stood up and did around one hundred 2-3 second jelqs. I should’ve done more, but I accidently put down 5 minutes of jelqing instead of 10!

After that I jumped in the bath to warm up for 5 minutes. I didn’t wrap my cock in the facecloth as my cock was underwater. This is pretty much why I’m making this thread, is it vital to warm up with a hot facecloth instead of a bath?

Finally I tried doing Kegels. I knew which muscle to tense but I really struggled doing this part. I found that it was really hard to maintain the crunch, yes even for five seconds! I had to hold my breath whilst doing each kegel too. I did around ten until I decided to call it quits until next time. Hopefully kegels will get easier the more I do them!

If you’ve read it all thank you! I’d especially appreciate feedback and criticism on the faults of my first attempt at the newbie routine.