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First Signs of Progress: Raising questions. Opinions advice

First Signs of Progress: Raising questions. Opinions advice

Well the story goes, the girlfriend I have now mentioned to me I was kind of small for her which led me here. I’ve been doing a modified newbie routine for like a week maybe? Nothing I’ve been doing lifting in the gym or doing for PE has been totally concrete, just little bits at a time and consistently never taking more than 2 or 3 days off at a time and usually doing every other day or 2 and 1.
-Initial Measurements (not reliable measurements, so kind of a ? On this)
NBPEL: 5.7”
EG(low 3/4 shaft): 4.75”
NBPFL: 3.5” (I felt I was very generous so maybe less)

- Hot water cloth for 3minutes or so, then light stretches still using hot cloth for another 3-5min. (5 stretches 25sec x1set) Also focusing on stretching forskin which has given me some very minor stretch marks it seems.
-Apply lotion intended to reduce stretch marks and do 25wet jelqs at usually 85-100% erection (3sec a piece x2 sets)
-Hop in the shower (I usually lift before I PE) wash my hair and what not with hot water, do additional set of those stretches, all the while taking my time with the shower process as to have more constant heat applied.
-Dry off fully and massage it while applying a small amout of that same lotion (using two fingers and sort of forcing blood into various spaces for milliseconds)
-Also just bought AAKG L-Arginine or whatever, taken 1.5g (1.5x2 a day is recommended) once a day for 2 days. (Before lifting)

The other day I measured my fat pad, and holy shit, haha it’s like an inch for sure maybe a little more. So NBPEL is really vague. So over the course of about I’d say a week and a half with about a week or less of good PE I’m already starting to see some progress.
-GIRLFRIEND first noticed me having much much harder erections, then I guess I did too. (This before AAKG)
-Felt heavier when held flaccid or erect
-Flaccid looked longer, girth looked about the same.
-Girlfriend says to me she can feel more and more each time we have sex longer and thicker. (Last time we had sex I felt something I’d never felt before, I suspected it to be the cervix.)
So today I measured my flaccid bone pressed and length was about 5.25” and girth midshaft was about 1mm short of 4.5” which made me feel pretty good.
I haven’t measured my erect length in a little while but I know between 5-10 days ago I was measuring and again measurements not reliable but NPEL was right at 6” maybe .1” short depending on EQ (feels like marijuana actually helps EQ, gf and I smoke regularly together) and base girth was right on 5”. I will be taking official reliable measurements in a few days. According to the LOT Theory? Or whatever I have about a 10 or 11 o’ clock erection, so is that something that could potentially mean I’m capable of good gains? When I push my erection away from my face far enough to like 8 or 9 o ‘clock it gets so tight on my pubic bone or whatever it cuts off the flow of blood, like clamping it kind of?

Main Questions I Have:
-How do you get rid of the fat pad? (I’m 5ft 10” about 175-185lbs and fit although I did lose 55lbs about 4 months before I knew about PE)
-If I did my routine 2 days on 1 day off and did light stretching on my off day would that be too much?
-What kind of girth gains can I expect from just jelq and stretch? (Common gains or lack there of)
-What are good girth excersizes?
-I heard that applying heat then cooling it almost immediately after is good? Is this true? And why?
-Can jelqing at that high of erection level be good? My own theory or reasoning I guess for this is that it could act as almost clamping it while jelqing and encouraging your full erection to expand, I also fully release my first hand letting new blood flow and grabbing with the second hand just after.

Reality is simply a hallucination manifested by your consciousness. What do you create?

Expand your mind, there is only one moment, and it is here, right now, enjoy it while you can.

I didn’t read anything and skipped right to your questions:

1. Lose weight.

2. You will know if it’s too much if you are sore on the day you should resume PE.

3. It depends on your penis; read the TGC theory.

4. Jelqing, clamping, o bends, exercises that create internal pressure.

5. Read the cooling thread in my signature.

6. Refer to question #3.

What are some good length based routines?

Reality is simply a hallucination manifested by your consciousness. What do you create?

Expand your mind, there is only one moment, and it is here, right now, enjoy it while you can.

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