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First Month Nearly Done

First Month Nearly Done

Well, it’s two days to go until I’ve completed my first full month of regular and structured PE.

I have managed to avoid measuring since the 24th October, (it has been a struggle not to reach for the ruler every session!), so Saturday is THE day - I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, I am pleased to be able to report that my penis appears to hang fuller, longer and definitely feels bigger whilst flaccid, I’ve never been a shower and have had a problem with ‘turtling’ so this is something new to me.

I have been experiencing more frequent and stronger night erections and my ‘morning wood’ is more like steel. My erections feel harder and stronger than perhaps ever before, a normal hard on is now more like when I was on the verge of coming, really strong.

My cock has more veins and the larger ones appear thicker and more pronounced.

Thunders Place has given me the belief that PE was really possible and nearly a month in I am experiencing very positive effects that I know will be reflected in my measurements on Saturday.

I will follow up and post my measurements on Saturday and maybe take some pics. I did take some starting pics, but deleted them from the camera as I was embarrassed to even look at them myself - let alone posting them here!

Roll on Saturday.

"What do you mean 'it's small'? It's big enough to fill a pram!"

I get to measure in about 10 days too! Good luck!

Thanks Josh365, good luck to you too!

Did you set any one month goals?

"What do you mean 'it's small'? It's big enough to fill a pram!"

Same here. I am also nearing my first month of penis enlargement. I too have experienced harder erections and a noticeably larger flaccid penis. I don’t think I’ve gained anything in erect length - I haven’t measured - but if I have gained any erect length, it’s very subtle.

Speaking of erections, I’ve been able to maintain a hard penis for longer periods of time than formerly. I think this is primarily due to the kegels.

My routine has been light: I’ve been doing under the recommended, fearing injury. However, I intend to slightly bump up the routine another notch in one or two weeks.

My goal is to reach 7.5” in length and 6” in girth. I want my penis to be as big as Tom Byron’s (and look like it, too). Currently, I am 6” in length and 5” in girth. To reach my goal, it will probably take me 5 to 6 months; but I am definitely prepared, because diligence will certainly pay off!

I’m almost a month of routine PE but I’m not measuring until January 1. It’s tough not to measure but I tried PE once before and measured all the time and gave it up because I was frustrated. hopefully this will make me stick to it and if I have some gains when I measure I will be sure to stick with it.

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