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First month achievements

First month achievements

Hello everyone!
I’m now to report the results of my first month PE-ing.
First of all, my starting stats: BPEL - 6.48; NBPEL - 5.6;
BSEG - 5; MSEG - 4.8; ESEG - 4.6;
I have started with the linear routing, starting at 20 jelqs at a session and built it up to 100 after three weeks.
I did two days on, one day off, and even less than that because there were several days I missed.
I’ve been stretching for 5 minutes in a session, and at the last week I went up to 8 minutes.
I also practiced kegels, doing usually 50 on a day of training, sometimes more.
I guess the EQ has improved, although I had my erection disappear at a critical moment, and for some reason
Was very firm during masturbation, but not very much during intercourse.
Anyways, my current stats are:
BPEL - 6.6; NBPEL - 5.8;
BSEG 5.12; MSEG - 4.92; ESEG - 4.88;

I guess I’m lucky to gain anything at all, as my routing wasn’t that intense, and not everyone gains in their first month so that’s nice.
I just wonder what should I do next?
Continue the same? Increase intensity?
Do my first time results prove that I’m a “Less is more” guy?
Thank you all, and good luck to everyone!

Good job on the gains lucky.

I think it would be best to continue the same routine that yields gains until the gains stop, then increase intensity slowly until you start gaining again. PE is not a race.

Your first time results probably do prove that your a less is more guy.

Temporary size increase after a workout for both erect and flaccid sizes is good, also good erection quality is a good sign that your gaining.

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