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Feelin the healin

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How to treat the tears?

Let em heal.


Rip those sons-a-bitches open.

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Feelin the healin

So I’ve got something for us to ponder. I’ve notices that since I’ve started PE’ing my cock always feels itchy (on the inside) in the morning. Personally I equate this to the fact that it’s most likely going through the healing process. It’s a mild itching that I can live with and reminds me a lot of how the edge of a scab feels when it’s begging to be torn off. Anyone else know what I mean here?

With that said I want to throw this out there. In terms of a scab located on the surface of the skin, I was always told that I should leave it until the wound is completely healed. The scab is there to protect the wound and helps it heal faster when it’s covered right?

So if you’re itching and the wound is healing the questions to debate are…

- Should we wait until the sensation subsides? Thus allowing for a full heal of the micro tears.


- Should we be satisfied with the healing that’s already take place and rip those suckers back open with another session? Thus reusing the existing tears and prolonging their healing.

Which is going to result in the quickest gains? I personally don’t have any idea which one is the right method but maybe one of you might have some good incites. I suspect that the later will be the consensus because I think the PE addiction will dominate our thought process.

Sorry if this has been discussed before. I haven’t found it if it has.


I have experienced the same feeling of a mild itching “inside”, especially after my second day of PE. (I work 2 days on, 1 day off). However by the time my rest day is done and I’m on to my next day of exercises, it seems to subside. I can’t provide too much insight on whether this is a good indicator or not, as I am a newbie myself, but I imagine it does mean we are working hard enough to have some sort of effect.


Starting Stats: 6 5/8" BPEL, 5 1/4" EG

Starting Goal: 7 1/2" BPEL, 5 1/2" EG

"She asked me to give her nine inches & make it hurt." (you know the rest!)

I’ll defer to the veterans!!!

No one can answer that for you…YOU must decide.

I suggest continue with your current routine for another month, and measure BPFL weekly…and keep a journal.

THEN…try waiting until the “itching” disappears before you do the next PE routine…do that for a month and measure the same BPFL weekly (make sure you pull out at the same angle every time, eg. 90 degrees).

NOW you have an object way to make that decision. Go with what is giving you the best results. If neither method is producing gains…then the question can’t be answered for you at this time.

Let us know what you find and you will be contributing to this knowledge base and help us make this more of a science and less of guess work.

So is that the proper way to measure FL? Pull it out at 90 degrees and do a BP measurement? I’ve been measuring to the fat pad without any stretching.

Originally Posted by ahopeful1

So is that the proper way to measure FL? Pull it out at 90 degrees and do a BP measurement? I’ve been measuring to the fat pad without any stretching.

Notice sparkyx said BPFL and not just FL. They’re different measurements, bro.

Got that. I’m just making sure I have not been recording the figures in the incorrect manner.

The trick is to eliminate all varibles except the size of your dick.

The most accurate method (IMHO) is straight out, press ruler into the fat pad and pubic bone (same place every time) and with two fingers (index and thumb) pull it out as far as it will stretch and measure that. Two fingers is important so you don’t try and pull it clean off in the effort to record a larger length. This will allow you to very accurately measure the changes.

I also like to use a thin neoprene pad because it hurts to press that ruler into my pubic bone. I use the same pad everytime so not to add a variable.

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