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Feelin bad

Feelin bad

Again and again I got the same nightmares and depressions because of my inferiority complexes.

Sometimes everything´s allright and the next day I feel so shitty about it that I´d prefere to get rid of that pain or of myself.

No that my lot is bout 8 or 8 1/2 if I really understand that lot theory, I feel worse.

Anyway that´s not my style, annoying people with that type of shit.

What would make you happy?

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."


First of all, you should probably rechoose a new “name”. Negative projection can be a big part of holding people back. I understand where you have up and down days in regard to PE and life in general. We all do. But as you PE to success, be sure to have other aspects of your life also providing you with positive reinforcement, i.e. work, sports, social life, hobbies, good friends, etc.

Successful PE is an ongoing process, not a one month or even necessarily a one year deal. Just get going, be very patient and committed, use this forum for support, and this will work for you.


Hi LameSize, welcome to Thunder’s Place. :)

I know exactly how you feel. Somedays I feel like shit and wonder “what’s the point?”. Whenever I start feeling this way, I sit back and re-read Bib’s History and the Collected wisdom from the vets threads. They give me hope that more is possible.

As far as your LOT, 8:00-8:30 is not bad. You still have plenty of lig gain left. As long as you can set a routine for yourself and stick with it, I’m positive that you’ll see gains.

Don’t worry about annoying us with this type of shit, that’s what Thunder’s Place is for. Good luck, I’m looking forward to posting with you in the future.

Who says that this theory must be completely correct?
Maybe its different for you? Its only a theory!

I have had another name before which was also very negative. But i forgot the password :) …..I have also small size.

What is your current length, what is your routine?

I would like to help you to figure out a good routine!

My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL

AAAAAW! You and bigdick2003 should get together and chat about your problems and have a hug. Dont post like this here and try to depress everyone else. Talk to someone in real life and get some help.

It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

Your brain is a very powerful tool and a negative view can affect everything, even your health. Maybe your gains too.

First let me say that I never put much stock in the lot theory. While it may be true for others, I don’t see it as being full-proof.

My lot is six o clock, and I paid no attention to the “theory” and kept right on gaining through stretching (Jai’s) and jelqing.

I had my routine going, and was gaining and the theory was intorduced. According to the theory, stretching shouldn’t work for me. I figured since it worked to that point, why stop. So I stretched and jelqed paying no attention and with my low- really low lot, I still gained and gained well.

I started the last week of Janurary and now have gained over an inch. My BPE length is between 7.5-7.75 (it varys of course) and I’ve grown from 6.25 tops. So who knows, maybe you’ll find some gains.

Well take care. Peace and God Bless.

"Kids you've tried your best and failed miserably... the lesson is, never try." -Homer Simpson

Hi lamesize.
I felt exactly the same before I found this place. I felt cheated because I had a smaller dick than most. When Everyone here made me realise that I can do something about it I made it my number one priority and I really do feel better about myself because I’m doing something about it.

Take up risingupto7 on his offer to help you with a good routine and don’t give up.

By the way, my LOT is 7.30, so your one up on me already:wink:
good luck


The theory does not say stretching does not work for those with a low LOT. It simply identifies the angle that might work best for stretching and possibly gives information on the relative ease of gains. That’s it.



Change your name to bigstudsoon or something like that. I started as dino775 because I wanted 8 but dino8 was taken once I got past 8 I changed my name to dino9x7 which is a new goal. You can sit and be depressed about youe size or you can work hard and grow.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

sorry the hi-jack the thread and change subject, but what the hell is LOT? I hear everyone talking about it constantly but haven’t seen a definition anywhere.. thanks alot


Originally posted by bizzabolla
thanks alot

Was that some type of pun? Just kidding bro. Read this thread to answer your questions about LOT.


New to the place? Start here.

This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

Originally posted by Bib

The theory does not say stretching does not work for those with a low LOT. It simply identifies the angle that might work best for stretching and possibly gives information on the relative ease of gains. That's it.


I know, Bib.

I just meant that the angles I stretch at, usually down and out, shouldn’t work for me. With my lot stretching up should be what works best but the other directions seem to be working.

I do also stretch up and to the sides, but prior to the lot theory or me reading about it anyway I was gaining at a rate of 1/8” every two weeks and didn’t want to change that. I added different angles of stretching after reading the lot theory and my rate of growth did not increase.

I was afraid to abandon my routine since it had been working so well and was merely trying to suggest that everyones different and bodies respond differently. :)

Take care. You are a true PE Guru.

"Kids you've tried your best and failed miserably... the lesson is, never try." -Homer Simpson

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