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Fast gains in length

Fast gains in length

I got girth.. But I heard newbies get a little boost when they first start.. So I was wondering will I be able to gain a centimetre in length in the first two weeks?

Also which exercises should I do? Then I will check them up on the videos section..

I want length I got enough girth.. But I also want an upward shape also but that’s not important most important is length.. (By the way which ones pleases a girl more.. Length or girth?)

Plus any nutrition that may aid the growth and exercises?

Where in Wales you from mate PM me if you want.

Do the newbie routine, it’s all you need. Girth pleases a chick more once you get to a certain length of say 6.5” IMO.

You could well gain that, that’s about what I gained but it’s entirely individual.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Oh ok thanks for the help my penis is only 5.5 inches I want to get it to 6 inches..

I’m from Swansea why do you ask?

Well ok where can I get the newbie routine and also when do I start intermediate exercises?
Thanks for your help anyway.

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