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Extra skin on full erection?

Extra skin on full erection?

I searched and searched but didnt find anything usefull. I have some extra skin when im fully erect and im wondering what thats about? Does that mean I am going to natrually gain all that length or what?

No reason for this what so ever? I did an advanced search after I made this thread and still nothing.

Don’t know why you have extra skin when erect (skin issues have always been tough for me to figure out), but there is some evidence here of people who filled in there extra skin on the shaft with length gains from hanging and ADS/extenders. I don’t know if manual stretching would work the same though.

It means you are still in puberty, have you checked your LOT today? A couple of guys that are hard gainers have extra skin. You have not exposed your full capabilities and need some Wd-40 to expose more of your antennae. Hope this helps.

Extra skin to me means room for length gains. Lucky you!

You don’t say what exercises you’ve been doing.

Some ‘extra’ skin comes from alot of jelqing and stretching.

Most extra skin I have come across has been as a result of fluid build-up from exercises and usually subsides quite quickly.

However, I have more foreskin covering my penis than I did when I started PE. This is mainly down to my stretching routine. Being Uncut, I think its abit of an inevitability.

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