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Extra Skin in Jelq

Extra Skin in Jelq

Is there any way of preventing the skin on the underside of my base to not get trapped in my jelq? It is a problem I fear that will lead to a turkey neck.

You can try jelqing with an underhand grip. That’s not my favorite method, though. You can also try wearing a loose cock ring when you jelq. It will gather the skin and prevent it from “curtaining” down.

I have quite a bit of extra skin but have still managed to jelq effectively with an overhand grip and no cock ring. I’m pretty sure that turkey neck is genetically determined. Exercising might make it slightly worse, but I doubt it will cause a problem if you don’t have one already.

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I naturally had extra skin there, so when jelqing, the skin was always in the way. I do jelqing overhanded (almost a requirement with small penis) which makes it worst because the fingers are on the bottom where the extra skin is. So, I rap an extra wide rubber band around my balls sack to hold the skin back. It works great. The skin does not get tangled up in my fingers anymore and I am not stretching the skin which was probably making it bigger. Just don’t rap the rubber band around the sack to tight. Use the KISS method. (KISS=keep it simple stupid)


A overhand grip is when your thumb is facing towards your penis right?

Right, and this is the only way I can jelq because I have so much skin. Using the jelq device helps a little, but don’t pay the ridiculous price they are asking for them these days, build your own. Look here for instructions:

Homemade Power Jelq

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Devass do you dry jelq or use lube?

The rubber band seems like an interesting way to get around this. I’ve also found the overhand grip the best method for me. Maybe with more length in the future I can use the underhand grip.

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