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Experienced girth gainers. I Need advice

Experienced girth gainers. I Need advice

Firstly I wan’t to say that I have tried horse 440 squeezes twice already but today was the first time when I made the squeeze a little tighter at the glans when pushing the blood back towards the mid-shaft, and if you have done horse 440’s you will probably know that the glans go slightly pale and you feel a weird tingle in your glans. Is this normal? I honestly don’t want to injure myself but I also would like to add in a girth exercise to my dry jelqing session. This leads me onto my next question:

Which of these has proved to be the best girth exercise:
1: Horse 440 squeezes
2: Clamping
3: Other ( If so, please state the exercise )

Thanks in advance and I would really appreciate some useful input into this thread.

Horse440 ‘s should be avoided like hell IMHO. Pumping is missing from your list.

Edit: perhaps you’d want to add a poll to this thread?

Marinera Do you think they are too tough? Maybe squeezing the head could be dangerous?

I find the jelq squeeze to be awesome for some good expansion and I think some people gained a lot from them. Some call them girth blasters.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


I think they put too much pressure on the CS and urethra less on CC. Beside that, pushing back blood from an organ doesn’t just looks the right thing to me. Can you name a few people who gained permanent girth from those, without doing anything else?

Originally Posted by marinera

Beside that, pushing back blood from an organ doesn’t just looks the right thing to me.

you have a good point there. When I began pushing the blood back the glans went pale white and felt cold and numb and I was even going easy on it. There was also a tingly sensation and to be honest it didn’t feel safe. I don’t think I will be doing them. I might be interested in the girth blasters. I’ll have to find out how they are performed. I wouldn’t be able to use a pump as I live at home with my family and I am only 20 so that is out of the picture for me at least. Doing a poll on this would be useful but I don’t know how to set it up.

How long have you been PEing? I wouldn’t worry about adding any other exercises until you have been jelqing and stretching for at least 4-6 months. Slow and steady wins the race, especially with girth. Train consistently, never miss a session, and gains will come. Don’t try chasing after fast gains with risking an injury, if the Horse 440’s don’t feel good, then don’t do them. I tried them when I was still a newbie and they felt awful, now that I am more conditioned they feel great! Listen to your body.

Ironhead22 your dead right. I’m 2 months and 2 weeks in. I’m not going to add any girth exercise in for another 2-4 months.

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