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To the girth gainers

To the girth gainers

I am actually a veteran of PE but still can’t post in main member forum

Anyway, girth gains have been very difficult for me to get. I just recently reincorporated advanced manual girth exercises into my routine. They include Uli, head squeezes, horse 440 squeezes, modified jelqing, and some ferraris.

I had done these things in the past but never made gains. The difference now is that I feel a puffiness to my dick after the workout and continue to feel that puffiness 12 hours later. In fact, I even had inner soreness yesterday. Like I said, I never had any of this back before I started hanging.

Just to let you know, I am really testing the TGC theory, because if that theory is accurate, I am a great candidate for a test subject due to my physiology (me being somebody who perhaps has to do a lot of stretching of the tunica just to be able to make girth gain).

So basically, my question is for those of you who have made good girth gains (I suppose using mainly the excercises I noted) did you feel this same type of ‘puffiness’ after your workouts?

I am just curious as to whether this puffiness is a good sign or not

Indeed I do.

I am not sure if it is a thin layer of fluid buildup that goes away eventually or if it is a positive PI, but I do get that “puffy” sensation after a good girth workout.

What do you think it is?


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I’m not sure either. Like I said this is a new thing to me (even though I’ve PE’d for a while)

Have you made overall girth gains?

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I definitely know what your talking about. I think it is that slight inner soreness that really makes the difference. After a good workout it just looks big and I don’t want to do anymore because there is a sore feeling. I’m going to have to read about ferraris I do all the other ones.

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Clemski: How long do your PE sessions last?

I feel that same sort of puffiness but it has only happened after I started to clamp. I tried various advanced girth techniques beforehand and unless I was doing them incorrectly, they never gave me any puffiness. Take it for what it’s worth, but it was not until I experienced this puffiness that I actually started to make girth gains.

Thanks skeebo, that’s what I really wanted to know, that girth gains started coming after the puffiness started coming

I get that puffiness and inner soreness feeling, especially after doing some horse 440s.

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Originally Posted by steelrod
I get that puffiness and inner soreness feeling, especially after doing some horse 440s.

You really get that feeling after clamping.

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The puffiness could be either fluid between the skin and tunica, or swelling of the tunica due to controlled damage (this is what you want). This is most probably a good sign. I imagine this is happening to you now due to the fact that hanging is putting your penis into a proper “state,” which is allowing greater expansion and and ultimately a better workout. Has your penis been less dense, warmer, and a bit stretchier before these “good workouts?” If so, you are reaching a proper state of dick necessary for YOU to get a good girth workout. Great work!

I’m with rushmore for sure. That puffiness is the only way for me to gauge whether anything happened during my girth exercise. If I don’t work it hard enough, I get no expansion, and no fluid build up. I think expansion, and fluid build up go hand in hand when your talking about girth exercises.

After my first few girth workouts I didn’t get any lymph buildup at all, at the same time my dick didn’t look like it was larger in the clamp, or pump. Once I started noticing the lymph buildup, I also noticed my dick was expanding more and more in the clamp.

Its definitely a good PI in my opinion. Your over-expanding your unit, causing the puffiness.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I don’t know if you guys have read the TGC theory but it def seems to be accurate for ME.

Before hanging I could not make girth gains for anything. Now I’m getting that puffiness and my dick does seem fatter than ever before, but like I said this is after I’ve begun doing advanced manual girth work again after having hanged for a few months now.

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