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Experience with Edging 12 days

Experience with Edging 12 days

Hello people ,

I have been practising edging from the last 12 days and thought I would share some of my experience and maybe get some advise or helpful input from you guys.

I am currently happy with my size 5.6 and I am quite okay with it , my wife’s happy with it, though she makes it a point to call me kiddo every point and well my current goal is to last longer , I shall think about the size later :)

Now I would cum quite quickly while doing it with her, since I had a 15 day eurotrip , I decided to try edging before hitting home


I finally understand what people talk about point of no return , this has been a very educating experience,I know little bit when I am actually high , or my dick’s in the mood to do it , varying level of hardness and to my shock HOW HARD it can actually get .

The session lasting from 30 minute to 45 minute , I read stories on and as soon I am about to cum I would stop ,waiting , first few days dick wouldn’t go down , or when it did , it would go completely down, now it snaps back in instant , when I start stroking. At first I had to literally surf other pages or distract myself but it goes down faster and back too.

At least in theory I am lasting longer , I make I cum at the end session which brings me to my discovery

I have started cumming in breaks , I mean normally I would just cum one big load and I would be down , now by relaxing and bit of kegling when I am about to cum , little bit of cum would be out , I would resume and then again little bit would cum out . I would cum 4 times like this . Mind it not orgasm. At the end finally when I would cum , little bit of load but combined with orgasm(not strong btw) and my dick would be OH SO TIRED.. It would be like a mouse in a hole with cheese !

I am getting stronger hardons since the last few days. I shall be meeting my wife when in the next few days, lets’ see how the sex happens now . I am excited and yet nervous , with these small shootings

Should I continue edging ? The post I read informed practicing this for 2 months would allow me much more control over my orgasms. Any advise?


thx for sharing your experience…

i tried the same exercise at the moment and I see exactly what you describe (about multiple cumming)


I think what you are seeing is perfectly normal. It’s called pre-cum. It’s basically seminal fluid that doesn’t contain any sperm. You release a little bit as a lubricant when your dick is anticipating pussy. It’s always there when I edge.

i don’t think so…it s not seminal fluide but it s sperm

Chr77, would you mind readind and applying the Forum Guidelines about spelling and grammar? Thanks.

Thank you guys for the comments.

Today my wife came back home and to my wife’s surprise I lasted long . I mean I was more aware of my penis , my levels , for the first time when we were doing it , I told her I am still not that aroused. I cannot emphasize how great it felt to finally be able to satisfy her :)

Now , when I did my session today , my dick didn’t feel sore which it normally does from 30 minutes of edging , I have incorporated kegels into routine ,which add a higher level of intensity.

I wanted to know is it necessary to cum after the edging session. Today after 40 minutes of edging , I felt at peace, happy and was in no mood to cum, I am considering doing edging early morning when wife’s sleeping , because I would definitely be coming later on.

Any suggestions/ Advise ?

Edging without ejaculating, if done for a long time, is not good for your urinary trait. That doesn’t means you have to ejaculate everytime you do edging, but from time to time you should.

@ Marinera, thanks you for the suggestion , I would make sure that 3 out of 7 days I cum . Basically I wanted to say that I am having sex with Mrs ,so either edging or with her , I would cum

But we have a bigger problem . I am facing something which I haven’t faced before, I am lasting too long now according to wife, and she’s complaining that it’s getting very mechanical and I am not enjoying my orgasms . I tried explaining her that now ejaculation and orgasms are two different things but she won’t listen. She tells me that now my face is completely different for which I said I am much more relaxed and that’s it. She is throwing fits like crazy. So I have convinced her to read the next couple of replies to please convince her and tell her something which would make sense that this is not mechanical but more fun for a guy .

Please be little respectful while you address her :)

Thank You

What is your routine for edging I have the same problem and would be interested in trying it out.

@Steve by problem you refer to cumming fast ?

Well my routine is as I posted , everyday for 30-45 minute , I sit down with some lotion ,fire up , read , shag (UPDATE : I am doing kegels while shagging) , stop when I am near ,wait for erection to go away , resume again after 2-3 minute and continue , at the end of the session , if I have done some force ejaculation at times , but mostly I am so tired , that my penis is no position to be up , so I leave it there & don’t ejaculate.

Just tell your wife that you want to spend more time with her when you are having sex.

Your wife’s just used to you cumming real fast. She probably feels like she’s the “problem” or it’s something with her since all of a sudden you go from being a 2 minute man to a 30 minute man. You just have to reassure her sexual and sensualness by making sure she still feels like the sexy women that made her hubby cum quick for the last however many years that you have been together. Ultimately making sure she understands that it’s nothing wrong with her.

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