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Erection While Stretching :-/

Erection While Stretching :-/

So I know that it’s best to be 0% erect while stretching, but after warming up I can’t help getting a mild erection that just won’t go away :( . Not that I don’t love erections, it just interupts my routine.

My question is, is it okay to stretch while somewhat erect? I can’t think of why not, but I’d like some advice from you guys.


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I’ve noticed that if I start to get a little hard while stretching, it helps get rid of it if I stretch downwards. I don’t know why, but it’s been pretty consistent for me.

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It happens to me to and I’m a seasoned vet. Best thing to do is to keep it under 30%. If it gets over that you may want to warm it back up with a rice sock and let the erection subside. I don’t think anyone stays perfectly 0% during the entire stretching process.

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I usually do a fowfer when my erection gets too hard during stretches. I helps me, at least.

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I remember when I first started it was very hard trying to prevent getting very hard lol. But like everything you get used to the feeling after a while and then it becomes easier staying at the level you want.

I start with stretching. I take one grip and don’t let it go, I strech all directions. The erection don’t get a chance to expand. I hope this will help you.

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