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Erection while stretching

Erection while stretching


Can you stretch with a partial or semi erection?

I find it really annoying since whenever I try n stretch I can’t stay flaccid.

Any advice?

Time. Given time your penis will stop reacting to the attention. This is fairly common for the new guys. Stretching with a semi will probably just make it harder. Try to think of unsexy things or just wait until it goes down and start again.

I have the same problem. I haven’t managed to avoid getting an erection while stretching yet, but I find that reading a book or watching T.V. While waiting for the erection to subside helps it to leave a lot quicker (because you’re ignoring it).

The days when I could get an erection from the slightest touch or the wind blowing up my pant sleeve are long gone. Sigh. I think a lot of this has to do with age. I am 36.

I don’t find grabbing a hold of my cock and yanking it for 30 seconds at a stretch (pun intended) to be too exciting. Now Jelqing, sometimes that gets a rise out of me. But I like having a 60-75% bone-on for Jelqs, so it is all good…


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I agree, getting an erection like that has more to do with what you’re thinking at the time. Visualization plays a big role in many things, including how excited you get before/during/after sex.

You have to think about it as work (more specifically a workout) and not as something sexual, although if you’re having trouble getting even a semi-erection, then sexual thoughts will help. I guess there’s a fine line between how excited you let yourself get, so in the end you learn more self control.. Which is a good thing right? :-)

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