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Erection Issues

Erection Issues

I have been PEing now for about a month and trying to follow a consistent routine. I am using a Autoextender called the Autoxleeve and an extension device similar to the jes extender. These supplement my manual program routines. My concern is that, from reading the proper ways to warm up most of what I have found says you need to apply a warm moist wash cloth or towel to an erect penis. But what do you do when your penis is not erect? I am having some difficulty lately with the erection part and I don’t know why. I have tried some other forms of stimulation to get things going, but could use some more suggestions on this. I have seen training videos done by others and they seem to have a much firmer erection and usually they are longer. I am usually short BPFL: approx 2.5, and that does present a problem. I’m hopeful that it won’t always be this way and I can realize some good flaccid length without turtling, plus some firm erections. Maybe, I’m expecting too much. I have started a supplement program, which I am adhering to very strictly, but will probably take awhile before body adjusts. Appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks

Your penis does not need to be erect while warming up.

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Newbies should stick with manual exercises only for at least three months. No devices. Too easy to overtrain or injure yourself until you have gained the knowledge newbie teaches you.

So put away your extender.

And take some time off.

See this article:

Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:

This one will help too:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

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