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Please help me with my PE issues

Please help me with my PE issues

Hey guys. Throughout my PE’ing I have constantly had issues with maintaining a good consistency in my workouts. It seems like I cannot eliminate the issue of redness, erection loss/numbness, and the lack of blood being pushed through in my jelqs.

First and foremost, I am becoming EXTREMELY frustrated with the bloodflow in my jelqs. I warm up for 5 minutes with a cup filled with hot water, then attempt to jelq with kegels in between each stroke. I feel absolutely no blood being pushed through. For the first couple jelqs I might, but that’s it. The head of my penis becomes larger, due to the kegels, but I am still almost positive that I am not doing it right. There is absolutely no sensation of pressure. Perhaps my erection level is too low, but I feel like when I try to up it, I feel like my penis is not pliable anymore and is reaching the 80%-90% range.

Next to this, is my issue with erection loss and darkness redness all throughout. Maybe it’s because my grip is too hard? I feel like my grip pressure in the past was way too light, since I felt no blood movement, and decided that maybe upping the pressure would work.

This has undoubtedly been one of the most frustrating experiences ever, for me. I know that PE’ing takes time, but I never thought that I would feel so depressed by it. The truth is, I am making gains. However, they are extremely extremely slow and I am almost positive that if I get these right, gains will come faster.

My theory is that perhaps I am jelqing at too low of an erection level, with too high of a grip strength. Is this a possibility? I would appreciate any sort of feedback from you guys.

-feeling/seeing no bloodflow
-difficulty getting erections afterwards + redness
-maybe I am jelqing at too low an erection and too high a grip strength

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Your grip is to tight.
Your working it too hard.
Yes, likely not enough of an erection.
You need to take a deconditioning break and resume when the discoloration leaves.

Don’t worry about the blood flow up if your holding the base and holding the penis at the glans it should be auto matically pushing the blood up toward the glans.

It sounds like your choking your dick to death totally blocking any kind of flow at all.

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Try changing your warmup to a hot wrap with massage, this should leave your penis plump and ready for the jelqing.

Jelqing can be inconsistent with erection level wavering. You need some way of keeping your erection up during the whole routine (with allowances for minor flagging), some people use porn for this others simply get into the right state of mind. Try jelqing upwards (towards the ceiling) with a standard OK grip when your penis is at it’s most erect and switching to downwards (towards the floor) with an overhand OK as your erection flags (and while it recovers). If your erection flags to a level where jelqing downwards does nothing then stop and regain your erection before going on.

Erection level and grip strength are closely associated and as an erection goes up or down the grip has to compensate. Your grip needs to be just loose enough to let some blood go back through it. Try increasing your grip to the level where you cannot move if forward (i.e. too tight, doing a ULI#3) then loosening it off only as much as you need to to allow an even pressure up the shaft on each stroke.

Erection level is interesting. What some people consider to be 80-90%, others consider to be lower. Certainly you should probably be aiming for 70%+ of the full erect volume.

What do you mean by dark redness? Redness as the result of jelqing might be considered normal. Discoloration, especially under the shaft, is certainly normal. Pin prick redness is fine. Huge bruised areas are not good. An inability to keep an erection for a few hours after a session is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as within a couple of hours you are raring to go.


What you are looking for is pressure above the grip, blood flow is inevitable but might not be noticable.
Redness is not an issue, it may be difficult to keep erections for some time after a session
It sounds like you are not marrying your grip strength to your erection level and not managing to sustain your errections long enough in a session.

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Alright guys, thanks for the input. I do struggle a lot with maintaining a good erection level so I’ll work on that. As for the grip, I’ll definitely cut back on the pressure.

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Nujabe, one thing that has made a tremendeous difference for me of lube I used for wet jelquing. Baby gel works best for me now.

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