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Erection during PEing

Erection during PEing

Hi guys,

How can I control erection during my session of stretching and jelqing? I waste lot of time during the newbie routine in waiting for my penis get flaccid ! If routine must be of 25 minuts, I spend 50 cause this snag!

break up your routine, for example not 20 minutes of stretching but 2x10 or 4x5.

Stop day dreaming of hot sexy Italian ass, that could help.


Eventually you will get used to the fact that you are doing the drudgery of exercise and are not jacking off. Until then think about doing your taxes or watch a soap opera on TV to distract yourself somewhat.

Some guys masturbate before their PE session, but only use that method as a last resort.

When jelquing it helps me to do about 100 jelqs, going from 0% flacid to about 90% by the time I reach 100 jelqs. Then I let it go back down to 0-10% and start again.

I also had trouble with certain manual stretches and erection, like you I just had to stop and let it return to flacid. BTC and V-stretches were easier for me to perform without getting erect than SO or SD stretches.

I do my routine in the morning which, I believe, also contributes to this “problem” of erection (not that having an erection is a problem :) )

As gprent said also, you will get more and more used to the routine and you will have this problem less often.

I find having a few pipes before PE, and even sometimes during stretching helps.


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