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Erected or semi erected jelq for length

Erected or semi erected jelq for length

I remember I read somewhere that for length the best would be to jelq at less than erected, is it true?
I don’t want to get girth, I think I am already over 5,5 and actually looks fine, what I look for is some length and am starting to do wet jelq sessions two days on one day off, about 100 reps lasting 2-3 seconds each.
Stretch comes difficult because I am uncut but I did jelq in the past for very short time and even if no size gains they came the vascularity was greatly increased and now I wanna give it another try.



I think the idea is to jelq at less thatn full hard erection and for length it would be better to extend the jelq time to 4 seconds. But there are varying views on this. But it might be worth a try.

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I’m curious about this also.

From my understanding jelqing always affects girth. If you want length stretch stretch stretch and hang.

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This is how I was told by many experienced guys over here:

<50% erection level wet jelqing = length (I guess it works for dry jelqing also but the erection level should stay under 50%)
>50% erection level dry jelqing = girth

I read some guy’s progress report the other day that gained 1.5” length just from jelqing! It is quite an anomaly, but anyway, he jelqed straight down at low erection levels. But yes, DEFINITELY don’t jelq at high erection levels. This can lead to injury for newbies and I’ve heard some have lost size doing it. Either way, it is definitely only for girth.

I only dry jelq now, and I simply can’t do it at anything over 90%. About 40 to 80 works best for me.

So, plustwo,did you notice any gain until now?
How long is that you are on your routine?


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