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Erect Bends technique question

Erect Bends technique question

I read somewhere that someone had succes building up a specific side (left or right) of their penis by doing erect bends. Can someone explain to me exactly how I should do erect bends to build up the left side of my penis? To build up the left do I bend to the right? I don’t quite understand…thanks.

If you are looking down at your penis, and want to enlarge your left side you should bend to the right.

Personally I have noticed that my left side is a bit larger. This is because I have my penis on the right my pants, and if I got an erection it would bend to the right.

But it’s important to avoid that your penis just twists instead of bends, my occationally does that and it does not expand the CC alot, which is your goal.

But I guess this kind of just supports your thesis, but I hope this can give you so ideas whereas how you should perform the erect bends.

Hi stratingover, i have try the EBT 3 years ago. I think that is a best mode for increrase girth, but it’s want al least 2 weeks of pause for side of penis. To build up left side u due bend in right side from the gland slow, make 3 reps as far the exhaust force, 1-2 minute of pause in the reps. It’s important that u listen work penis slow, get a good period of pause for side (2-3 week), after all reps can make some streching, is better JAI Stretching mode for some minute.

However u can try to increrase every side, left, right up and down.

I’m wait your gains.


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