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Foreskin inflation following erect bends

Foreskin inflation following erect bends

The other night I did 300 power jelqs (a new personal record by about 50) and several erect bends.

After what turned out to be my last erect bend for reasons that will become obvious, two sections of my foreskin (I am uncut) became sort of inflated or inflamed. This was not painful, and I was able to squeeze the inflated areas (both about the size of a small coin) and decrease the inflation for a vary short amount of time. The inflated effect did not seem to subside in a permanent manner at all the rest of the night but was gone completely once I woke up the next morning.

Anyone else experience this? What might have caused it?

I had that happen to me from “over-dueing” wet jelqing. I do a lot of erect bends and have never had this issue from doing erect bends.

Doing more power jelqs then usual probably irritated your skin.


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I found this explanation on one of Mr Hubbard’s sites:

“My penis is oddly swollen after a lot of milking - why? If you’re circumcised, you may experience swelling at your circumcision scar after several hundred strokes. This ‘doughnut effect’ is from fluid buildup and goes away after a few hours.”


Don’t worry R28, I’m getting the same symptoms as you do, as I started PEing again after about a three month break - a very swollen foreskin. There’s one thing that bothers me though. You said that you get it from bending, which I find a little hard to believe. I’d rather think that it’s from increased jelquing reps and/or intensity, because there’s not actually any friction involved in bending that could cause that.

If you’re wet jelquing, I’d also recommend trying a little bit more lubricant in order to see if it helps.


Strictly speaking I only noticed it after bending… it’s not the kind of subtle thing I would’ve missed, but jelqs do seem a more likely cause. Perhaps there’s some delay. This was dry jelqing by the way.

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