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Can anyone tell me what I can do (or what I may not do) since the sperm comes dripping out instead of a powerfull ejaculate?



Jelq, get really horny, do nine million kegels, don’t shoot for a month, get really, really, really horny, and then clench your sphincter really, really hard.

Or, get a really hot chick.

Kegels are a good place to start.


Levellius squirts his sperm a good couple of feet through the air.. Was surprised to hear that most men don’t ‘squirt’ it out at all.. Any advantage to this skill of Levellius’ ?

Before PE is used to squirt a couple of inches. Now I shoot a couple of feet. I think it’s the kegels. Whatever it is , thanks Thunders…….

Hmm.. I have just done kegels for the first time I think, it freaked me out because it’s a muscle I didn’t even cognize.

I’ve always shotten aways, I always hold back with a kegel before I ejaculate and it seems to feel better/go farther

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