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Low Ejaculate Volume correlated with Warm Up


Low Ejaculate Volume correlated with Warm Up

Anyway, I have been at PE for about 3.5 months now and have had some excellent results with it, needless to say I have been very pleased and so has my fiance. So anyway, some back ground information in regards to my PE style. I am 21 years old and a amateur bodybuilder/powerlifter. I have a strict diet, excellent water consumption, (1.5g-2g daily), take a multi-vitamin, NO booster, protein powder, blah blah blah. I am 73” tall and weigh about 215lbs. 11% bodyfat. I normally get about 7-9hrs of rest a day. I make love with my fiance on average one to two times daily, and masturbate to orgasm about once 3-4 times week. However I do not orgasm during PE or shortly there afterwards. I try to wait at least 4 hours prior before initating excersises and at least wait one hour after before I have an orgasm. I always, and I emphasize always, warm up with immersion in warm progressing to nearly unbearable hot water over a period of 4-6 minutes, followed by 8 minutes of stretching, 4 orange bends, over 70 seconds each, down, 30, up, 10, side to side, 20, and down 10 to finish. Jelq with a good deal of force alternating grips throughout routine for 14 minutes, about 5 seconds per stroke, 60-75% erection is ideal sometimes less or more depending on level of stimulation. I end with manual Uli’s at maximum erection for 5-6 repetions. Then concluding with hot water submersion for 4-6 minutes with same progression of warm to near unbearable hot. I did however do a period of Cool Down with two quart bucket filled to the brim with ice and then filled with water for 2 repetion of 1-2 minutes a piece. That was definatley the worst, absolute agony. I can’t stress the amount of discomfort and sweating during that period. Anyway, as soon as I get my mom’s hand me down digital camera I will post pictures of myself with mearsurements. It was unfortunate that I did not taking ‘starting’ photos. But as I recall, I started at 7.75” x 5.7” bpel. Now I have progressed rather rapidly to 8.9” x 6.95” bpel. At this point it seems my length gains have slowed but girth continues to progress rather rapidly, I may need to change emphasis on this routine as ideally I would like something around the range of 10” x 7.5-8” bpel. I have rambled far more than I intended, anyway, the only downside to all of this has been low ejaculate volume even though I have obstained at times from orgasm. I was curious if anyone else has had a similar problem after starting this or if it is something that is coming from a different facet of my persona.

Your low ejaculate levels are probably due to the fact that you are ejacualting so much.
10-18 times in 7 days, of course you wont have maximum ejaculate.

Hold off for a few days and your load will be bigger.

Or take some Zinc and L-Arginine to increase your ejaculate.

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

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And lay off the “almost unbearably hot” warm up. Cell division is not encouraged by extreme heat, rather by warmth.



Hi,,,,sounds like you are well endowed to begin with and have made impressive gains quickly,,,I am interested in your daily food regimen and which multi-vitamin you take as I’m looking to get in shape and it sounds like you are in excellent shape and know about nutrition.

Ok 123.. I have made some excellent gains very fast, my diet is decently strict, I am in good shape, I am strong, (1400 triple lift), I can run okay, doing a 5k in about 21 minutes @ 7000ft elevation. Anyway, lets get down to business. I have been taking GNC’s basic megamen vitamin, two tablets when I wake up. I also take CLA (conjugated linoleic acid(sp?)) that promotes moderate fat loss and mostly maitenece of muscle mass. Been taking Nitro-Tech for some time now, I would have to say probably two years and as expensive as it is, it in my belief is a legitimate supplement, I also take 15g glutamine daily with my protein shakes, normally once after I’m done training and immediatly before bedtime. At bedtime I also take ZMA (Zinc Magnesium Aspartate) that is supposed to enchance testoterone production blah blah. For regular meals, for instance today, before work, I opened three, six-ounce containers of tunafish along with some olive oil and creole seasoning and mixed it, got a bowl full of almonds(sorry I can’t be more specific about quantity), some whole wheat crackers and went to work. I seperated that tunafish out over three meals along with the crackers and almonds. I’m back home, obviously, I’ll probably go have a turkey burger and some vegetables along with something starchy, maybe some pasta or something. Then, thank God, I can take a nap for a bit, then I will go train at the gym, come home have a protein shake, wait about an hour and then have some supper, probably will be a nasty thing and have some taquitos or something with spanish rice. Then depending on bedtime I will either eat once again or just have a protein shake and hit the rack.

Anyway, in regards to SJY, even at times I have obstained from orgasm, for periods of up to four days, my volume still seems like it has been low, occasionally prior to PE I had been able to pull off some Peter North style shots and it has been a little depressing as to see that not happening. But you may be totally correct, it may just be sexual saturation for me.

Concluding this, hopefully I can be of some help to you 123, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or anything of the sort.

Sorry Thunder, I’m a tired person today, anyway, as mentioned in my previous post, I consume daily between one and a half to two gallons of water. I don’t drink soft drinks of any kind.

I didn’t catch that post sovereign. I apologize for missing it. Maybe try cutting back on the sex/masturbation for a couple of days and see if the loads return. If so, you know what the problem is, if not try cutting back on something else like PE.

Just reading your previous post I got tired, glad you included a nap. Do you ever have a lazy day where you fuck off and do nothing, not even eat right?

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It does happen, I try to minimize it, for the most part, I would rather miss a workout than miss a meal. I beat myself up(not literally) when I miss a workout, whether PE, or the gym, or a meal for that matter. About every twelve weeks I do try to take a week off to curb the possibility of overtraining, I do that with PE is as well. A little more frequently however. I normally train two days on, one day off, just like my PE.

Will do that Thunder, I am going to take SJY advice and go purchase some of those supplements tomorrow, see what effect I can get. Anyway, I will keep every body informed.

According to my multi, I am getting both, but however, I do not know if it is in suffcient quantity. Purely coming from my rational mind, perhaps I could be so saturated from ejaculation that I have begun overtraining and the best thing to do is to obstain for longer period than a week. As challenging as that is, if taking these two supplements in greater quantity does not improve my volume then I will abstain for fourteen days. Perhaps that should yield some more empirical knowledge?

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