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Smoking the reefer growing the beefer


Smoking the reefer growing the beefer

Firstly sorry about the gay title, just wanted someone to read and hopefully help me out here. I’m new, this is my first message, and I started PE about 5 days ago (yeah seasoned pro).

I truly believe that all these exercises work as I used to go to the gym regulary - and why can’t your dick be worked - like say your bicep? I have a very positive attitude towards this PE business and pretty much know it will work. However, my problem is I smoke quiet a bit of weed. Not proud of it, but the fact remains I do! Is this addiction inhibiting any growth that I may make?

I am dedicated in these exercises - and actually look forward to the routines. I eat healthily enough and drink plenty of water and get vitamins etc. Just the weed thing.

Sorry if this has already been discussed. I have looked for it. Keep up the good work guys, this seems like a great support forum.

Congratulations on finding TP and welcome aboard for the journey of a lifetime.

I believe that this is all about Penile Enhancement, not merely enlargement, that it is an opportunity to make best friends with your dick, that thing that ultimately defines us as men.

And this community ain’t too bad either.

Luck and length, girth and glee, and thanks Thunderss.

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I smoke frequently as well, but it has never inhibited my growth. I think you’ll be okay, just keep consistant.

I once was lost, and now I'm found.Thankyou Thunder.***my girlfriend thanks you too =)

Smoking Tobacco and Smoking Weed are two different things! I Smoke the Former. I’ve been Into PE for a over 12 months now and I don’t really think smoking has affected my gains anyway. The only downside has been that as a smoker You don’t really get very strong erections. The good thing is You quit smoking (yes! Even weed) and everything returns to normal (thats why I smoke. Lol)

Sut You been having problems with erections?


I smoke both of them and havent really had any gains yet well because I have only been doing it for a couple of weeks lol. But my erections do suffer abit I can still get them but just not the rock solid ones. So am I right in believing godofdeviltry that if I stop smoking both especially the nicotine I will get my beastly erections back.

Hope so anyway

I haven’t noticed anything wrong with my erections - they have always been hard. I smoke cigarettes usually when I have no weed left, so I am a regular smoker of both. I am looking more forward to this supposed “4000 volts” of electricity that you are supposed to “feel” flow through your body once you quit the weed and it’s out of your system!

As for the attitude with the PE ing, I’m working on the basis that at the gym, when I started, it took say about 4 weeks to notice some nice definition coming through on my shoulders - so I’m not expecting to see any length gains till everything down there is accustomed to the routine and the rest elements. Only done routine 6 times in total now, and flaccid length seems to be a little bigger, and penis is feeling nice and plump (is the best word). Looking forward to measuring in 3 months time

hmm i work out and smoke mj/drink a bit too, and it deffinitely affects muscle gain when in the gym, but im not sure if it affects PE gain. im trying to really limit the both of them for sports and a bigger dick. (just in case) well see how it goes.

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Hey Harrow, please look over the Forum Guidelines again. Thanks!

You might want to Google this idea for a medically correct basis, I remember being told that smoking marijuana has the potential to cause sterility. In what manner, I know not. I know not whether it is true or false. I think it is something worth knowing for sure though!

So, you might Google something like: Does smoking marijuana cause sterility in men?

How much weed do you smoke anyways?

I rarely smoke anymore. Not because of PE though-more of a money issue.
I don’t think it will really affect gains.

Generally speaking though, being healthy will help with your PEing. Anything that increases blood flow to the penis will help with your PEing. So if it affects your erection levels, then yes, it might affect your PEing. But it probably wouldn’t make a major difference anyhow.

In any case, at least it’s a good excuse not to smoke as much. Just quit for a few weeks and see how it feels. It shouldn’t be too hard-when I stopped I really didn’t care.

It’s not you’re dick the weed effects, it’s the other head. You know the one on you’re shoulders, the one you sometimes think with. I use to smoke the stuff when I was a teenager. I suggest if you are no longer a teenager you quit smoking. I consider pot a much better drug than alcohol so dont trade one for the other. Alcohol will destroy you’re entire life, and you’re body. Pot is only going to destroy you’re mind, and fuck up you’re life.

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Well, IMO Smoking and weed both are known to lower your Blood pressure. Bad if you want good erections. Bad because both of them cause blood vessel constriction. Nicotine and other chemicals break down minerals, vitamins and essential Amino acids which are so very important in sperm(seminal fluid too) production.

I’m not smoking these days and I really get morning wood. Hell!! My hardons are much stronger than when I used to smoke. I don’t think smoking weed or Cigarettes affect PE gains but I’ve noticed that when I’m Smoking My dick doesnt stay pumped up for long time after PE. When I’m not smoking I usually find that my dick is pumped and hangs heavier. I would attribute this to a normal blood pressure due to non-smoking.

Sut and the other smokers here, Have you found a decline in semen volume since you’ve started smoking?

Yeah I don’t get morning wood anymore because of smoking. But I would have to say I don’t think I’ve found a decline in semen volume and I have regular sex. Looks like I’m away to give up smoking then to get those rock hard erections back plus morning wood I miss that.


Also a newbie here .used to smoke 20+ cones a day and they definitely affected my erection quality
Managed to give that up.long story.. But stll indulge in a few cigs per day and times I have gone without have definitely felt better performance wise and lets say blood flow wise
F%ck need to stop but damn if I don’t love a good smoke to chill out too

Can’t comment on the pe’ yet!

Come to think of it I can’t remember the last time I woke up with wood actually come to think of it.. That is probably a bad thing.

Smoke give or take about 1-2g’s a day, all in cones. So not too much I know a few people who smoke allot more; however fuck them I gotta start thinking about my own health.

Yeah like slapa said it’s so good to help you chill out, but I feel the use of the drug transforms if you like from a social thing, to a chill-out thing, then before you know it your hooked and it isn’t fun. But this isn’t a weed forum that’s for another place.

Thanks for the help anyway. General conclusion weed bad I see this. Ill get high off having good sex with a healthy strong cock, and keep my braincells just a little longer then. Cheerio!


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