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Effects of alcohol & PE

Effects of alcohol & PE

Im really curious to know if alcohol has negative effects on PE.
Doesnt liquor thin the blood, isnt that good. This probably was a really stupid question but Im a weekend boozer and thats usually when I have my rest days, so If thats screwing up my chances at better gains than somethings going to have to stop!


Good question! Although I cant offer any insight. I have had a pretty intense squeeze workout while slightly drunk on Jack Daniels…..wouldnt recommend that to a new guy though. LOL, this is “advanced” stuff.

Alcohol and hormones

I read a study that said when a guy is drunk his testosterone levels seemed to be lowered about 25%. Also more testosterone is likely to be converted to estrogen. Guys that are drunk every single day for years are more likely to have bitch tits. This article was from a bodybuilding stand point. I would guess that alcohol would have a negative effect on PE, but not nessasarily stop gains. If you are not satisfied with your gains try to not get drunk for a month and see if it helps. I sometimes get drunk on the weekends also, but never more than once a week. I am almost positive that it is bad for the male hormone system. The horny effect some people feel is due to increasing LH hormones to make up for the drop in testoterone, but the testoterone levels stay down for a while. Hope this helps.

How about drinking in moderation? That will help ya out. Just a few beers over a bit of time. That’s all. Don’t worry I am a member of the Olympic Irish Weight Lifting team. I am a 2 fisted power drinker. Just kidding! Take it easy. Get the gains you need then go and party and jay some girl. Good Luck TT

In spite of what you may think while actually drinking, I cannot think of a damn thing that I do better drunk than sober. I would be afraid of pushing the limits and injuring myself if I PEd while under the influence. Here is another thought. There is a threaed on the PEforum abour hGH and PE. The general consensus is that GH promotes healing and dick growth. Well it turns out that GH is secreted during certain phases of the sleep cycle and that alcohol and other sedatives inhibit that phase of sleep (phase IV and REM sleep). I’d say that I would avoid 3 things before a PE session - alcohol (or any drug), sex, or masturbation.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Originally posted by luvdadus

In spite of what you may think while actually drinking, I cannot think of a damn thing that I do better drunk than sober.

I disagree. Both scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that there are in fact several things one can do better drunk than sober - vomit, pass out and make a complete fool of yourself. Not that I’ve ever had any personal experience in these things …….. :chuckle:

Sorry luvdadus, couldn’t resist ;)

lil1 :sun:

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I have a real hard time drinking while doing PE. The biggest reason is I use a lube and when I grab the beer bottle it tends to slip out my hand. But really I have had a few beers out and than came home and did a pe workout and I tend to push a little to hard so I would say it’s not a good thing. Sort of like going to the gym when drinking you might think you can bench press 390 instead of your normal 250.


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