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Edging, how far Also a question on manual streching

Edging, how far Also a question on manual streching

How far are you supposed to go when you edge, I’m doing this for stamina reasons primarily. I can see that people say that you should go to the Point of no return, but my question is, do you stop right before or just go over and then stop. Because I have been going over and when I stop my PC muscle flexes involuntarily and I cum a bit, should I stop at a time as to prevent me from cumming, even if it is really thin and basically just dribbles out?

Also, I finally got stretching to work, using a knuckle-grip, but I feel my EQ has decreased, and therefore I stopped doing stretching. Will my EQ come back since I now stopped stretching and if so, should I just keep stretching for gains and let my EQ come back after I’ve gained?

-John the Anon

If you just think about it, going past the point of no return would indicate what? ;)
Go TO the point of no return. Then stop.

How do you mean a knuckle-grip? Are you cut/uncut?

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If you have lost EQ, then I would stop everything til it came back. This is just me. I edge up to the PONR and stop, I try to not let myself pre cum or cum at all. IMO if something leaks out I failed.

I’m uncut, I find that the knuckle grip is the only way for me to get any pull.

But thanks Patiently, just what I wanted to know about that :)

What you described is a “ruined orgasm”, or an “abandoned orgasm”, and I would say that you could get the stamina benefits from edging as long as you don’t feel the psychological/physical contractions of the orgasm. In fact, if you can work on relaxing your PC muscle and allowing a full cum load to just dribble out of your dick, you’ll have increased your abilities even further.

The general principle is separation. Edging allows you to separate the mental lock between stimulation and orgasm/climax. One form would be to stimulate yourself until just before your orgasm or climax begins, and then back down. Repeat for 30 minutes or so, and then just stop. Don’t come immediately after an edging session, that defeats the point.

If you wanted a more advanced/multi-orgasmic result, then you can separate your orgasm from your climax by giving yourself a ruined/abandoned orgasm. Edge up to your climax, make sure to completely relax your PC muscle, and then stroke yourself a few more times until you’re past the PONR, and then RELEASE YOUR DICK! Take your hand off, stop all stimulation, and concentrate on keeping your PC muscle relaxed - don’t let it contract. If it contracts, you’ll have a full orgasm, and you will have reinforced the opposite result than what you desire. If you manage to keep it relaxed, you’ll ejaculate but you won’t orgasm.

Now when you’re having sex, you probably won’t want to ejaculate without orgasming, although this is one way to use your new found skill. It will work, that is it will allow you to continue having sex even though you have already ejaculated, however this is normally too messy and most men would prefer the feeling of the orgasm without the ejaculation. The main benefit will be from practicing this relaxation of the PC muscle is to help separate the physical lock between orgasm and ejaculation, and allow you to progress onto clenching the PC muscle so that you have an orgasm but do not ejaculate. It’s much easier to relax the PC muscle and give yourself an “abandoned” orgasm, so that’s normally a good place to start.

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