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Edging and Clamping question.

Edging and Clamping question.

Hey all,

I’ve been reading how, in some cases, clamping can diminish and sometimes cease entirely the possibility of length gains. My question is this: edging seems like a derivative of clamping to me.does it also lead to the diminishing possibility of length gains?

Clamping puts greatest intensity on your girth dimensions, so some may find it more difficult to gain length with a thicker cock. A few here claim to have gained some length from clamping, but I’m not sure its anything substantial.

Edging, on the other hand, is simply the repeated act of masturbating to the point of orgasm and then stopping. It has no direct connection with gains and is only applied with clamping to maintain engorgement throughout a session. So edging will not enhance or detract from gaining length.

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I really can’t see how edging is like clamping. Getting to the PONR and easing off is more of a conscience thing by feeling that you’re about to cum and having the self control to get yourself away from going over the peak. It’s to train you to last longer in the sack so I don’t think it should affect length gains in the future.

Edging will not negatively affect any gains from pe whatsoever!

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