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Dunno what's the correct measurement

Dunno what's the correct measurement

If I measure from above by pushing a ruler to the bone, it’s about 17-17.8 cm / 6.7-7 inches. Doing this creates a little pressure, but not much. However, ruler’s surface area is very thin on ends, so it actually reaches bone.

I if use some wider object with flat surface area, like 15 cm / 6 inches flashlight (probably an inch wide), it really isn’t an inch shorther than my penis if I push it it to the bone. Maybe close to half an inch. This is because I’m too fat, probably 35-36 bmi.

The third way is the skin measurement, which is difficult for precise measurement when you’re fat, but I would say it’s about 14 cm / 5.5 inches. Sometimes a little longer when I get harder-than-normal erection.

Dunno really is the most corrent measurement. I’m not talking about measurements for PE progression, because I’m not doing any PE’s now.

Pushing the ruler to the bone (BPEL) is the best measurement because it minimizes the distortion of bodyfat changes on the measurement.

If you have a lot of fat a ruler will indeed go deeper than another object that can not go through as much fat.

Not pushing it to the pubic bone and just having it on skin is called NBPEL which is also a valid form of measurement but it has the component of bodyfat affecting it.

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There isn’t any ‘correct’ measurement. ‘Correct’ would imply that most of men measure in the same way (leaving out PEers), which is not true. I would say, take the measurement to the bone as the ‘correct’ one, and work on losing fat.

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