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Dull ache at base of penis

Dull ache at base of penis


I just started with the linear newbie routine a few days ago, that is 5 minutes of warm up/massage with rice sock, 10-20 semi-flaccid jelqs, 15 3sec kegels, and then warmdown in the shower, 2 days on/1 day off. For the past few days I’ve sometimes (usually when I’m sitting down) experienced a mild dull aching at the base of my penis. I typically only feel it when I touch the base lightly, if I press harder the ache goes away.

Is this something to be worried about, or is it a positive indicator of progress?

All around the base of the shaft, or just in one area?



It’s pretty much spread out around the base, although I typically only feel it when I touch one of the sides. Sometimes the ache radiates out a bit further along the shaft.

You might have stretched just a little too hard.

I’ve felt something that fits that general description, and it usually followed an over-vigorous stretching session. I’d recommend monitoring it and maybe taking a few days off to make sure it doesn’t get worse. If it does, you may want to get medical attention.

Good luck.

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Agreed, it sounds like you overdid it. Take two weeks off (no sense in only one, you’ve got plenty of time) and then start again a little slower and with less force. Base soreness is something I experience every once in a while and it always means I went too long during a stretch of sessions.

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Thanks. Just to clarify, I have not done any stretching, just 10-20 jelqs (that’s number of jelqs, not minutes) per day. It sounds odd that this would be overdoing it, considering it’s like 1/10th of the regular newbie routine.

The ache seems to be mostly gone today, but I’ll take a rest for a while.

Had the same thing

Am a little scared of starting up agian :/

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Truthfully, this has been a PI for me. Every time I got the “dull ache” I gained length soon after…

Well, turned it the injury isn’t quite gone. Yesterday, after two days of complete rest, I felt nothing, so I had a light wank. The next day the ache was back. Looks like nothing but prolonged complete rest is gonna settle this.

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