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Penis Weakened at base???

Penis Weakened at base???

I am a little concerned here. I am noticing a spot just distal from the base of my penis where the grip is narrower when jelqing at 50-65% engorged. I believe this to be the location where I am squeezing during my jelq squeeze at 85-90% engorged. There is no pain. It just feels like an hour-glass shape near the base of my penis. My moring erection however was quite solid throughout, possibly even bigger. I was all wet in the shower so couldn’t measure.

My question is, has anyone else experienced this? Am I squeezing too hard. Should I not Jelq Squeeze. It feels right when I squeeze it tightly as I can feel it engorge and stretch slightly at the head.

I am getting a mentor soon, but until then, you all are my mentor. Thanks for the help.

It is ok to live in the "now", but never fail to plan for the future.


Is this like fluid buildup (ie puffy after a session and then it goes dwn over the next day or 2) or are you talking about a defined bump under the skin in a specific area?

OK, either I’m being really stupid here (not unlikely) or it sounds like you are saying the expansion is more closer to your grip and then as you go up the shaft it evens out at low erection levels. If that’s it, then you are jelqing at too low an erection level, you should e able to feel the pressure in the glans fair on in your jelq stroke, try an increased erection and maybe a decreased grip, expansion is what you are lookig for though.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

btw In the thread would work too, people will answer most of the time (honestly)

Originally Posted by DeafWolf
Dear Memento,
This is almost exactly like an hour glass. While beginning at the base during a basic wet jelq, the base has thickness, then as my fingers compress and slide forward, there is a narrow spot just the just of a finger grip, then the tissue expands outward again. It is a lot like an hourglass. I notice it at the beginning of wet jelqing while my penis is about 60% engorged. It fills further as the jelqing continues, but then the narrow portion is no longer palpatible. No bumps or anything like that. It is just weird to me. Therefore I sought for some guidance. Thanks for responding.

It is ok to live in the "now", but never fail to plan for the future.

I do not know how to draw and post a picture in a thread. I do have the means to upload if this is illustrated to me. Anyhow, let me try and describe this as detailed as possible.

I start at the base, grip moderately and stroke distally towards the glans. After 1/2” the grip slips into a groove like depression where the shaft under the outlying skin narrows (not visible, but clearly felt). It feels like my fingers slide into a groove (saddle). Then it rides over the bump to the original height as my fingers continue the motion towards the glans without further difficulty.

It feels like it is at the spot where I grip for the power jelq squeeze. Related???

It is ok to live in the "now", but never fail to plan for the future.

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