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Dry Jelq question and grip

Dry Jelq question and grip

Few questions, thanks for any help.

I’ve been reading this site nonstop, and have absorbed lots of information.

When watching the jelq video, does anyone know why under dry jelqing the tutorial only shows one hand being used instead of alternating hands?

Dry Jelq Video

Also, do you guys go all the way over the glans when jelqing, or just to right below it? Does it matter?

And with the standard ok grip, do most people just use their thumb and index finger, or do you guys also incorporate the rest of your fingers?


You would stretch the skin way too much if you used both hands for the dry jelq. Rule of thumb with jelqing is that you stop right below the glans. I don’t think there is a problem with using the other fingers (cause I do) but most of the pressure is going to come from your thumb and index finger.

The alternating hands style jelq is just one of many techniques. I’ve never liked it. Too uncoordinated, I guess. I’ve always used one hand, or two hands with one hand cupping the glans and slightly stretching the shaft and the other hand doing the jelqing.

Try out different styles and find one that feels natural for you, gives a good pump, and is relatively easy to do for an extended period of time.

There’s lots more to read about jelqing technique if you search around. Here are some sample threads:
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