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I know I've jelqued productively when...


I know I've jelqued productively when...

I have been adding dry jelques, bends and squeezes to my pumping while clamped routine. I do the pumping at a different time of day, or alternate days.

I have been learning from jelquing, what a productive session looks and feels like.

A good session is;

I find that first thing in the morning seems to work best. I do it in bed when I wake up. The penis seems already warm and responds well.

I have found using a velcro strap for partial clamping, while jelqing, seems to improve the overall results.

I find that if I keep the pressure to where it still feels slightly pleasant.

I find that when I’m done my shaft is at least somewhat thicker and the skin is reddened.

I have little to no edema, or spotting.

My dick hangs fuller and thicker for a while, longer if I use a velcro strap around both cock and scrotum.

My question is this; for those of you who really have gotten great results from jelquing, what is it you look for to indicate it was a productive session?


A full, spongy feeling throughout my dick… a plumped up look and feel… feeling of having worked out this part of my body… a slight burn that dissipates after a few hours. Love it!

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I agree with you sparkyx.

It’s useless if none of that points happen.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

Let me also ask you how long of a session do you find is optimum?

What do you notice if you’ve done too much…or too little?

How many days in a row do you find is best…how many days off?

I’ve been doing daily for about 10-15 minutes, but I’m starting to see less nocturnal erections, so I’m gonna skip a day and see if it improves.

At first I found I was getting harder and more frequent nocturnal erections, but then I was only doing about 5-10 minutes in the morning. So now with longer sessions, I may need to go 2 on and 1 off. Or go back to 5-10 minutes.




do you get a slight soreness when you’re done?

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No I don’t.. but I’m really a beginner at jelquing.

I started this thread to get feedback from those who have gotten good gains from jelquing, and seeing if we can

come up with some commonality that would be helpful.

Have you had success with jelquing? Do you find you get some soreness after a productive session?

The sessions should be productive….and from my experience, I can only speak for myself but I know others had the same indications, a good jelqing session accompanies a slight soreness.

It might carry over to the next day but keep in mind that boners during the night; and you might have 4 or 5 of them, is a sign that your cock is replenishing itself/himself. That’s when growth occurs…

But…don’t go overboard, using too much force. Keep at the pace you’re at right now and maybe increase the pressure a little every week.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Slight soreness….hummmm. This is what I was hoping to get from this thread, little tips like that that will give some guidelines that help steer us newbies toward productive technique and frequency.

Do you find it is best to wait for the soreness to go away before jelquing again?

How often do you find is best, and for how long?

Although this is my second week of PEing, The first week is when I noticed getting some what sore and also having little red and purple dots after jelqing, which obviously meant I did a pretty productive job I’m assuming. But now I’m in the second week and I haven’t noticed any dots or any soreness. How much more of an increase should I do in intensity in order to feel like I have had a productive jelq session?(Red spots, soreness)1000reps? As of right now I have been doing 500reps about stopping after 50reps to gain a more of an erection to pump more blood, Any comments or personal experience would definitely help me figure out what to do, change, etc….


the little red dots can always occur, but they shouldn’t after awhile. Your dick will get used to the stimulation and you should change your routine every so often.


if you feel soreness, use a rest day. During the rest day, do some stretching in the shower with a constant heat source, like …well…the shower or hot water, for that matter. Concentrate on your ligs on rest days, Bro.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

I know I had a good session when my piece looks grotesque afterwards. When I think to myself: “Wow, I couldn’t show myself in a public shower with that thing” :-) With this I mean the look that comes from being thick as it would be erected, NOT sore, blistered or damaged in any way.
These types of sessions often also leads to a good meaty feeling during the entire day.

I find that anything less than 20 minutes of jelqing is too short. And I ALWAYS do it with high intensity, often switching between full erection at 5 minutes to low erection for 5 minutes.

I have been jelqing for 3 months and tried various combinations of time, intensity and erection levels. My current routine is 20 minutes in the morning 5 days on, 1-2 off, high intensity, slow strokes, alternating between full erection and low erection.


Originally Posted by sparkyx
What kind of results have you seen from it?

Well, I had a ridiculous newbie gain of 5 mm in EG in the first week. Probably due to better erection and bad initial measurements. After that I had another 3 mm in EG after approx 3 months jelqing..
In BPEL I’ve seen 5 mm “gain” after first week, and then another 8 mm during 3 months.
So counting the newbie gains, I’ve seen
EG +8 mm (1/3 “)
BPEL +13 mm (1/2 “)

Of course not all is due to jelqing. I have used manual stretching as well.


To clarify: the soreness from a good jelq should be felt subdermally, not as an abrasion on the skin. If your skin is getting abrased you’re using too little lube for wet jelqing, or not getting a firm, correct grip for dry jelqing.

The skin might, however, feel a little tingly and maybe itchy after a long session. That’s the feeling of stretched skin. The skin will inevitably stretch through intense jelqing because you’re repeatedly ballooning the penis. But soreness is deeper. You might feel it in different places. I can sense it right now in my shaft from an intense session of pumping and clamping last night. But if you balloon the head more, you’ll feel it more there. If you jelq on the edge of your seat like I do, stretching towards the floor with each stroke, you’ll feel it more in the ligs.

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