Overhand OK Grip for Jelqing-Dorsal Nerve Question

Hi everyone,

New guy here, I’ve done several searches on this already and haven’t been able to find any other posts or threads dealing with this particular question other than what is written on the how to jelq page, my question is concerning this advice from the how to jelq page on this website, “Care should be taken to avoid damaging the dorsal nerve which runs along the top of the penis in the middle. There is a particularly sensitive nerve bundle in the top middle of the penis just below the glans and this should be avoided, either by terminating the stroke an inch before the glans or avoiding the area with a grip biased to sideways pressure. An overhand OK, locating the webbing between thumb and forefinger centrally is likely to be least likely to cause nerve damage and can fairly safely allow the stroke to be continued all the way to the glans.” I actually visited this website a few years ago and I read this page then and see the info is unchanged, I want to know if you other members here still think that it’s safe to overhand jelq all the way to the glans or if you now believe it would be better to stop short of the glans even with the overhand grip? I’m just asking to make sure that the opinion on this has not changed. If I could get the opinion of the more experienced, senior members here that would be great but any reply I get from anyone would be appreciated, thanks for any advice and help you can give me on this.