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Drinking water to gain

Drinking water to gain

Hy everyone. I just read some threads and from what they were talking about it seems that drinking lots of water really helps with gain. Everyone else?? Please answer if you had results.

I don’t think it will make any difference in permanent PE gains. It won’t hurt you, though, to increase your hydration — within reasonable limits.

Some, however, swear by heavy water intake to keep a good flaccid hang. I have noticed that when my bladder is about to explode, my hang tends to be pretty good, but that’s about the only relationship I can discern.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

Some, however, swear by heavy water intake to keep a good flaccid hang. I have noticed that when my bladder is about to explode, my hang tends to be pretty good, but that’s about the only relationship I can discern.

Its good to hear you say that, I thought I was the only one!

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Nick666, keeping the body hydrated is of the highest importance. I don’t know about anyone else, but being hydrated does help with a fuller hanging flaccid. I can’t see where it would cause you to have any permanent gains, though.

I know this is an echo of you para, but was my thoughts as well.

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mmmm, I was thinking. Drinking a healthy ammount of water is great, but don’t do what I did and drink too much. I had some pretty foul mineral loss for a couple days, and it wasnt fun. Even my flacid hangs went down, strange as it was. But enough about me…

When you absorb water, it goes directly into your blood, and your blood pressure raises to healthy levels. In a sense, your blood volume is greater. If you drink too much, you’ll end up pissing it out to relieve the pressure. I think this affects the flacid hang in two ways. Though various parts of the body show different ranges in how much they can swell, (ie. histamine reactions, your stomach when training for a hotdog eating contest, your head when you get arrogant, etc) the one part that shows the best capacity for swelling is, you guessed it, the penis. If your blood volume is increasing, it would make sense that you get a better flacid hang since your body is trying to equalize the blood pressure, and your the penis expands some as a result. Think of it like a balloon on the end of a hose, as you increase water pressure in the hose, it’ll swell a bit, but the balloon will swell more.

My second thought is that this is an evolutionary response. This is just hypothesis, though. Went Para_gumba said his bladder would explode when he needed to piss, I wonder if its because you have more activity involved in that area, hence increase in blood flow. Or possibly, we evolved so that when we needed to piss, the penis would elongate a bit so that we decreased the risk of pissing on ourselves (although a bunch of guys at my college are testing the limits of this theory…). Piss: Great for marking territory, not so great for trying to hide in the bush from animals with good smell. I dunno, what do you guys think? - PN

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Water helps me.

I discovered this at 15 when showering with the rest of the phys-ed class.

It was better than being laughed at.

I drink two litres a day minimum

I drink 6 to 7 litres of water a day. I notice my best flacid hang almost every time I pee.

7 litres! I’d probably wet the bed. When I was training many years ago I drank 4 litres due to sweat loss

With pee in mind have you heard of the Taoist urination technique?

You stand on tip-pie toes and pee moderately hard and shoot the last bits flexing your PC muscle, supposed to tone the renal kidneys and give ripper boners and load shootin prowess.

Why monks need that I don’t know but it does sorta work for me.

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