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Don't understand the science behind it

Don't understand the science behind it

Guys I don’t understand how the girth can be achieved the jelqing action as far as I can tell is to encircle a point at the base and squeeze upwards. My logice tells me the best you could hope for is the rest of the shaft being the same width as the point where you begin the action (at the base) Also does this not result in a thinning at the base. I’m after a natural looking thickness that I haven’t currently got anywhere on the shaft base or anywhere else. How can this be accomplished?

Also I’m worries about long term effects does anyone know anything about this?

Interesting question.

First: PE is not a science, so everything I say here could be different (in my opinion) in less than 5 minutes, and this is all my opinion only.

I sometimes wonder whether you can only ever realistically get your shaft to be the same as your base girth, but then practise shows this to be untrue, as when I started PE I had a base girth of 4.5” and mid-shaft girth of 4.5” also.

I then jelqed my way to 4.625” mid-shaft with 4.5” at the base still. It evened out though, due to hanging I would say.

I also don’t think you could thin your penis from squeezing.

Finally, imagine your penis becoming engorged with blood, and the upper shaft has been expanded, but the base is the same. The blood will be putting more pressure on the base, as the structure is quite rigid, and less on the upper shaft, thus allowing full engorgement still across the whole shaft, and maybe even evening out of girth as the base is expanded.


It’s the cumulative buildup of blood being forced into - and creating micro-tears in - the internal tissues that causes growth. After repeated engorgement (weeks, months, etc of PE), the internal tissues preserve that stretched state which allows more blood to flow into them which means you have a bigger dick. For more info, be sure to check out the How to Jelq thread in the Tutorial forum.

Your concern about this creating a smaller base girth is a good one. The cumulative buildup or blood will create larger micro-tears the further up the shaft you stoke. One great way to prevent the famed “baseball bat” look this causes is to jelq BTB (behind the balls). I have used this method and have kept from getting the baseball bat look.

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