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science and a big johnson!

science and a big johnson!

I was just curious if you guys think mabye in the next few years some new method to enlarge the penis will come out? What do you think, I mean hell, they grow ears on mice and they can already grow thin epidurmis(SP)??. in the petre- dishes. Excuse my spelling.
I am just stressed out, I have been doing basic pe for a little over a month, and I love this site, it is motivating and inspiring, and sometimes brings me back to earth. I havee about a 6.2el, and not sure on the girth but I thought it was good cause with every girl I have been with says I am thick.

Anyway I have been seeing this girl for about 2yrs, and we were breaking up,now we are back together and she finally came out about her past which she initally buttered up. Well I guess two guys she was with were huge, one she was in love with and the other was a friend and fling. Anyway, now all I think about is how mabye she doesnt enjoy sex with me, but in reality I know she does cause I make her-she can come so hard it pushes me out! But I cant help but feel like less of a man, which is bothering me because I have had other serious girls who have had bigger but made me feel very secure. She told me that the guy who was the biggest was about one and a half of me and thicker, I thought I was going to throw up, it made me feel so sick, and out of all the guys she has been with these two big boys are the ones she is most fond of, WTF. Pleaes excuse my ranting I just needed to get that out. If anyone has any advice post away!!

I’m not one to focus on the problems, only the solutions. Ok so she said you’re smaller than all but two guys she’s been with. You know it could be worse… you could be smaller than 5 guys.

Anyways, what can you really do about your problem? Split up, because you feel insecure about her past lovers? If that was even an option, then you have more problems than just your penis size. Just focus on what you can control. Stressing over her past lovers, isn’t going to help or change anything. Just continue to read up on this board, better yourself physically and mentally, and continue to learn about PE. Maybe one day you can be bigger than those two guys she talked about. Just use it as your motivation if it really bothers you that much, but don’t let it be the reason you’re doing PE or you’re always going to be unhappy. Do PE for yourself.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Forget about her dude. There are plenty of other women out there that would love to come (hard) all over your cock!


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.


I don’t mean to sound preachy, but it sounds like this is a problem only because YOU have made it one. So? the gal was with a couple big boys - including a 9-9.5 incher…she stayed with you for 2 years, didn’t she?

I know that every guy wants to be the “biggest & best” his gal ever had - that’s natural….and usually impossible. Some guy out there will be the biggest a particular woman ever had - and he might be damn big.

I’ve gained more than an inch length (7.2 bpel), but my wife is a nurse - it’s not easy to impress a nurse (they usually see some monster cocks). She’s even told me that she can’t believe how low some old men hang, but then she adds that it’s like an old lady’s tits - and just as floppy.

In terms of sex, my wife really was with only a few guys (she was barely 20 when I met her & she had dated 1 guy for almost 3 years). I’m the thickest she ever had (sometimes my girth is even a problem for her), but I’m not the longest - even after gaining over an inch from PE. From what I gather, her one boyfriend was about 8-8.2 x 5.5-5.75. Does that bother me? Only a little; but I am 38, and I don’t know how young you are hooked, but it sounds like you might be a young guy (overreacting a little, I would say).

And at 6.2”, you’re not exactly tiny. I’ve read posts by one guy in a forum who was 4.5” bpel (and < 4” eg). You’ve got decent size to build on, so stick with PE - and do it for yourself, to find a size that YOU are comfortable with….not some futile chase to have the world’s biggest cock.

Thanks for all the posts, yes I guess I am overreacting a little. Most of the time I really dont care and I guess I am at the point in the relationship I just hate thinking about that other guys can and did please her. Also I lived in italy for a long time and lived with an italiana and she was a bombshell, in every arena. She also used to date black guys and she told me about a couple. I just did’nt care, but I was also cheating on her and I promised myself I would’nt cheat on the next girl I really cared about so that is what I have been trying to do. I guess the cheating in the previous relationship was a tool of empowerment espically in italy, screwing beautiful women all the time. American women think differently in a lot of ways and I just get paranoid sometimes, about what this girl thinks and I really care about her so some of these feelings of inadequacy or jealousy are very,very new to me. And since I am not cheating on this one, mabye I think to much about these things I perviously did not.

Anyway I also run security for a hot night club so there is ample opportunity, but mostly those girls turn me off. They are exciting at first but after doing this for so long I no longer see them as just hot, now I analyze them, and am not too interested in the club scene girls. But thanks for the down to earth replys - any more are WELCOME!!


Yguy and wadzilla spoke some wise words there… I don’t think any of us are armored up enough to not have something like that effect us… There will always be someone bigger or better… Take me for instance.. I had to deal with an affair where I knew that the other guy was BETTER in bed then me! Talk about a mind fuck… More often then not I think that we dwell on these things longer then our g/f’s or wives do… It’s just the nature of the beast that we as men want to be the best our counterparts have had (or will continue to have)…

You can PE yourself into a size that causes some real pain for her and still not be happy with yourself… I fight this battle every day it seems… It’s odd but I know I started out well over average in penis size but every time I get down on myself guess what always comes up in my head…

A) I’m a shitty lover & cum too fast…

B) My wife is comparing me to the other guys she’s been with…

C) I’m the smallest she has ever been with!

You might laugh at these statements but they are the truth… I know that “C” does not stand much chance of being true but I swear to you that I feel like this every time I get down on myself for one reason or another… I think that everything positive she has said to me was only to make me feel good about myself, I start to feel ugly, stupid and oh so insecure about things…

My advice is that if you really love this woman then thank your lucky stars she trusts you enough to tell you the truth about her past experiences… I know how bad you want to be the end all of all her experiences, but like me you have to deal with the ghosts in the closet. Just make sure those ghosts don’t take a real form and open a can of whoop ass on you…

Keep up the work and you can have what you want out of PE… I know that with my killing of premature ejacualtion I’ve got more out of it then I ever expected… If I gain to my goal that is just gravy, nothing more…



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