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Does skipping newbie routine hinder future gains?

Does skipping newbie routine hinder future gains?

I was wondering if there was any known evidence that skipping the newbie routine and jumping into more advanced routines such as hanging, pumps, clamping, etc.. Would hinder future gains.

I know the newbie routine will always be a recommended starting point for conditioning the penis and preventing injury. But.. If one were to start with more advanced routines that have been proven to promote greater gains, would they hit their plateau faster? Would beginner gains come as usual but quickly come to a halt? Disregarding the fact that one would obviously have to take some off if an injury did occur, which would halt gains. Just wondering if anyone had any input or knowledge regarding this.

As I said in the beginning, I know why the newbie routine is always suggested as a starting point for the obvious reasons. Please don’t flood this thread with negativity towards my question or telling me I have no business discussing this because I’m a newbie. I’m not promoting the start of advanced exercises over the newbie routine for beginners. I’m actually curious about this. Thought maybe this would bring a variety of views and knowledge and make for interesting conversation. Thanks

I think you’ve hit the major issue in your question. When you are new to this it’s hard to judge what is too much and so the chance of gaining an injury is increased. Sometimes an injury not only requires you to take time off PE but may mean you injure yourself in the same area more easily in the future. Time off for injury means you are not PEing and not gaining. It may even mean that the tissue has time to heal more completely than is useful for continued gains, though I’m not sure that’s easy to prove or that it’s even been reported enough times to make it likely.

Generally an advanced routine is required because a lesser routine isn’t producing results. You have to increase the stresses applied to continue to gain. Doing a routine that is higher stress than you are capable of withstanding doesn’t seem particularly useful. The Newbie Routine was designed some time ago by a physician to attempt to balance the stresses needed to grow against the potential for injury and in many cases it seems to do that effectively but of course it’s not the only route. In fact it seems too heavy for some people, who find the Linear Newbie Routine better. There are other more hardcore routes in as well and maybe they suit people better but it seems sensible to start with the minimum effort to gain at a reasonable rate and increase it as gains slow or stall.

The argument that’s often given is that there’s a limit to the amount of useful stress you can apply, so a plateau is inevitable once you hit that point. There are ways around this of course: PEing for longer periods, changing techniques, taking deconditioning breaks of several months etc.

People often resort to devices once gains slow and sometimes this helps but sometimes it doesn’t. The reason it may help is that stress is being applied in a different way or at a greater level. There are many instances of people hanging, clamping and pumping and not gaining and there are many instances of people using entirely manual methods for all their gains. Adding devices may be best seen as a route forward when there are no other routes forward.

The perception of devices can be different from the reality. For example it’s easy to get a temporary increase from a pump, especially when overpumping and causing a lymph buildup. It also feels great to be hanging heavy weights. But these feelings don’t necessarily translate into permanent gains.

The forums are littered with examples of plateaus with all method of PE, so there’s no one obvious route that ensures the best growth and the least chance of plateau. There are however plenty of examples of injury in the early months of PE. This is why we tend to stress a less is more approach as an initial route into PE but I would add to that increase quickly if gains are not apparent quickly and PIs aren’t suffering and don’t make changes if you are growing at a reasonable rate. You have to think about PE not so much as a regimented thing but as responding to the feedback you are getting.

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My 2 cents.

WHY skip the newbie routine? it is proven to work and the start of pe is where you gain most so why not do it with as little effort as possible then once you have built the routine into daily life the more advanced methods become less tedious as often require more time,effort and sometimes equipment.

Why punish yourself by missing out on the easy gains, if you do all these advanced methods and don’t gain you’ll need past experience to work out why and what does and doesn’t work for you, without the past experience your bound to just give up.

Progressive overload principles,

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I think you shouldn’t skip the newbie routine is the same as why you shouldn’t go too heavy while hanging. You want to build a long dick, not a strong dick.

The stronger you ligs are the harder it is to stretch them, so putting too much strain on them too early will hamper your gains later on because they got too strong in a short time and didn’t stretch as much as they would have other wise. My 2 cents.

Its the beginning of a new chapter. New things are scary, but not always bad.

Thank you both for your input. It is appreciated that you took the time to respond.

Memento. The theory of possibly exceeding “useful stress” needed is something I’ll have to think about. I’m guessing it would be hard to predict the correct amount of stress needed to produce growth. Especially at my early stage in the game. I’m wondering if more strenuous exercises too soon may condition the penis too soon to the amount of stress it could handle, possibly reaching a growth plateau more quickly.

Girthofpeace. You’re right. Why skip out on the less strenuous newbie routine and miss out on the easy gains?

One of the reasons I asked about skipping the newbie routine is because at this time I’m not really interested in adding any length and primarily want to focus on girth. I’m only at 6.5 BPEL at the moment and my girlfriend can’t handle doggy because it causes her pain. I’m just shy of 5.0 MSEG at the moment and would like to increase that to 5.5 - 5.75.

I think it’s more likely that you’d head into injury territory than risk a later plateau. There are plenty of people who’ve tried throwing the kitchen sink at the problem early on and found no route forward after a while (and sometimes even no gains in the short term). But as you say stress is entirely subjective;y experienced in manual exercises. If you can work up to a level of stress that makes you feel like you’ve exerted the penis, then hopefully you are at the right level.

Measuring after a session can help, imo. If you see no post session temporary gains that might be a bad sign. If you see less than normal, maybe you didn’t work as hard in that session or your response and potentially gains are changing. Though some people see a post session shrink while gaining, I’m not sure that it’s the majority experience and it’s generally taken as an indicator of pushing to far.

You might find extra length helps. It depends on your girlfriend’s issue. If it’s that you are hitting the cervix with every stroke, extra length can take you beyond that problem. With or without gains, modifying your stroke for may help, a much smaller withdrawal might sort out the problem. Potentially changing positions to her hips on a pillow with her face down, used in place of doggy would work.

It’s actually really hard to predict how your gains will come, though probably most people gain length more easily than girth sometimes it works the other way around and on a forum it’s near impossible to interrogate people about their routines to figure out whether that’s a physiological bias or related to bad PE.

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