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Does it help to be physically in top shape for top gains

Does it help to be physically in top shape for top gains

I am in no way fat, although at 5’7 and 160, I am on the average male Body fat%, although I think I’m physically weaker than I should be. Does being in top physical shape help determine overall growth?

If possible, can people with good gains also describe their current physical shape? Maybe we could use this as data to help determine the best body types for best gains.

4/49 2005, Filipino guy starting PE quest! Current stats: 5.5"L X 5.0"G X 2"Width(6in when bone pressed but I don't count that ;) ) Short term Goal: 6"L X 5.5"G X 2.3"W Long Term Goal: 8" X 6.0"G X 2.5"W I WILL BECOME HUNG SOMEDAY!

You are my height but you weigh much more than me! You are at the bodyweight I want to be. I wish to be that weight with a pretty low bf%, I am currently bulking and lifting. I think being in top shape is not only good for your gains but also good in general!

Of course it helps. Being in top physical shape helps with everything, not just gains. It’s better for your overall health and well being.

I don’t know any specifics, but I’m sure it helps with circulation which most definitley would help with gains.

Hey Necron,

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Being in great shape can’t hurt, as the guys above say, and your overall body sure as hell is a more important attractor than your dick size.

That said, I doubt that the condition of the rest of your body has a big impact on PE gains, except insofar as your penile circulation is compromised by lack of fitness. Also, as you probably know, a substantial fat-pad will decrease the visible size of your penis.

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I have no proof but I think being in good cardiovascular shape should facilitate gains. Engaging in regular cardiovascular activity should make for stronger, fuller, easier erections and increase the rate at which your body repairs itself. I think kegels are of prime importance, and just as warming up with a run (or other cardiovascular activity) helps the body engage in and recover from weightlifting more effectively I don’t see why it shouldn’t do the same for PE. I am not suggesting you run a mile to warm up for some jelqing, but that the running makes for easier, more beneficial kegels (besides improved erectile quality in the absence of kegels) which may translate into easier, more rapid gains.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt your PE endeavors.

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