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Does anyone do a similar routine?

Does anyone do a similar routine?

I built this routine myself after experimenting for a long time…

===Every other day===

- Warm up (sock) / stretch 5 minutes
- Jelq fairly intense (dry jelq) 6 minutes
- Pump to 5 inHG 6 minutes
- Jelq fairly intense (dry jelq) 6 minutes
- Pump to 5inHG with very tight adjustable cock-ring 6 minutes
- Jelq 3 minutes

===Once or twice a week===
- Warm up
- Jelq 5 mins
- Pump 40 mins
- Jelq 5 mins

===Very occasionally when I have free time===

- Fowfers
- Clamp

So far I have gained length from about 6.9” BPEL to 8.5” BPEL and base girth from 4.85” to 5.85” (note that my base is thicker than mid/head, but the whole thing has improved drastically)

I would say flaccid hang has a lot more girth and about .75” length

These gains took about 15 months.

My question is… does anyone else do a similar routine?

It’s worth noting that I use a REALLY thick tube (about 9.5” around), which is mainly because I have a fairly big upwards curve and a tighter tube causes discomfort.

I have noticed that the base sort of gets sucked in, and I think I can attribute this to gaining 1” girth near my base and not as good further up the shaft.


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