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First off I’d like to say thanks to all of you guys for giving me this opportunity. I’m relatively new to the whole pe process, and started about 2 and a half weeks ago. I’ve been on the newbie routine, and I have noticed a few things. I noticed a slight discoloration at the bottom of the head of my penis. It’s a dark color and it seems like a bruise. It’s, however, not that painful so I still did the stretching, exercises, etc. Recently, however, I’m starting to feel a little pain, and decided to take a rest from pe. My foreskin is also scarred and there are slight cuts here and there. I believe that’s from using soap to jelq(I use vaseline now), and hopefully those will go away to. Overall, my question is how long would it generally take for these things to heal, and will taking a rest hinder my PE exercises too much? Also how bad is the bruise thing and will it ever go away? Thanks for all your help!

The soap is a definite no no and the Vaseline is also a little too thick for me. I think you would do better with either baby oil or a water based lube like KY Jelly with a bowl of water near by to dip your finger tips into as the KY drys out.

Figure out what you are doing to cause the bruise. It could be from the grip you use to stretch with or to much jelq pressure. Try to do your routine at a level that does not cause physical damage.

If the bruise is just a bruise, it will go away like normal bruises do. If it is like a blood blister, sometimes those things can linger for a very long time.

Rest time is part of PE. It doesn’t slow you down. It actually helps speed things along.

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