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Discoloration: any way to avoid it?

Discoloration: any way to avoid it?

Something I have stumbled across in my reading lately is the discoloration issue. Is there any way to avoid it in the first place? It sounds like kind of a bummer if it’s permanent, any ideas?

If you perform PE exercises with the intensity required for decent results/gains, then NO, there is no way to avoid it.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

It has always seemed like a small price to pay for a larger dick to me.


No way to avoid it entirely, but there are things you can do to minimize it. Check out the Discoloration Folder in my favorites for some good reads on the subject.

How far in the program discoloration starts to show? A month, two …?


Thanks stevie31 for the link. I will browse the files!

I think I need some good summaries of info like that… there are so many thousands of links at Thunder’s that it’s hard to know where to find good stuff that would apply to oneself and weeding out all the stuff that might not. It’s just daunting… so you start thinking “Hmm, there are 300,000 posts here, so if I started reading 500 posts a day, plus all the new ones that will accumulate by the time I read everything… It’ll be three years from now before I even read them all!”

You start picturing yourself with gray hair and a cane, still reading articles. (I’m just “being silly” here, but you see my point. Oh, and did I mention that I have a good imagination?) Anyway it is an overwhelming amount of information here, and of course different people have different ideas on prectically everything, so that can add to the confusion as well. It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed and confused by it all. Perhaps I should go through the forums, and do a sort by “rating” to bring up all the threads with five stars on them, I don’t know still trying to figure it out.

Thanks again

Guess its normal to get some Spots, you do the Training correctly…

They will be gone usualy next Day or two. (At least they do on my Dick)

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