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beware- injuries and discoloration..


beware- injuries and discoloration..

I just posted this in reply to a thread I was reading, but I see its in the all-too-little-read injuries forum, so here it is again with link:

help wrapping to remove discoloaration

Hi All,

This thread seems to have been inactive for some time but I found it extremely helpful for me because I am also suffering from discoloration, and really wondering

a) what my options are for treating it
b) if its permanent, or how long it lasts
c) what are the best ways to prevent getting (more of) it, and can one continue with PE, jelqing , hanging etc. and get gains without getting more bruising.

a) I gather the best methods are:
1. Arnica (at Walgreen’s or pharmacy)
2. Hydroquinone cream (but from this thread I am gathering that this does not work! at least for some people, has anyone had good experience with it?)
3. Wet or dry hot wraps . Wet _may_ be better, e.g. dick in a cup of hot H2O, hot washcloth.
3. Vita K fade cream, possibly.
4. Stop PE. Or, possibly- do light jelqing to stimulate blood flow?
5. Wrapping at the base of the penis, to stimulate surface blood flow to flush out these supposed iron deposits. This has apparantly worked like a charm for Bib.
6. Light massage may also help.
7. Possibly there exists Laser treatment for this. Has anyone gone that far?

b) I dont know. I just dont know from the information that’s in these threads. I have yet to see a thread where someone got rid of their bruising once it lasted for about a week (except maybe for Bib). Can someone tell us here if this discoloration ever goes away , particularly if you stop PE? or if you don’t stop PE? I think its important to have this information. A bruised, discolored penis is a pretty steep price to pay for a larger penis.

c) Prevention- hot wraps, hot wraps, hot wraps. Dont be stupid- wrap the shit out of your dick especially if you’re just starting.

When I was starting off PE I was doing serious hot wraps for 10 minutes before & 5 minutes after. I was able to do horse440 squeezes at full erection with impunity. I got 1 inch of girth gains at my peak (unfortunately only about half of that was cemented). Then because of job circumstances I took off for about 3 months. I came back into it without the long hot wrap sessions I had used in the beginning. The result? Possibly permanent purple-black bruising on half of my circumcision scar and a thrombosed vein. Stupid. Just fucking stupid but now I know.

lump- injury, (from horse’s stretch?) what should I do..

I think I got most of the bruising actually from dry jelqs & uli’s. I think I got the thrombosed vein from horse squeezes.

More on prevention- Possibly vitamin C may help prevent the iron deposits from forming.

So, when do I decide that this bruising just isnt going to go away, and to just start doing PE again? I’m not sure, perhaps 1 month. In the meantime I have stopped PE alltogether and I am going to follow the treatments above.

I’ll keep anyone posted if anyone’s interested.

Does anyone have any experience to add to this, or can anyone add to possible treatments or methods of prevention? I wonder whatever happened to Larry- he may have posted in another thread but I haven’t checked yet.


"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

Have you done any pumping or hanging i know they can cause some discoloration.

Also do you know what causes discoloration, is it the lack of warm ups ?

Keep us posted SkinneeD, all the best with your treatment and hope it clears up real quick.

slow improvements

Hi JK, thanks for the encouragement,

I’ve implemented a shock-and-awe campaign on my penis injuries.

My treatment so far is:
Morning &/or evening:
100mg naicin

ibuprofin and aspirin , morning and evening
Vitamin C supplement in morning along with multi-vitamin
Morning &/or evening: Penis in cup of hot water for about 5 min. Rice sock for about 5 min.
Vitamin E cream &/or vitamin E oil applied to the injuries several times a day.
Arnica and/or hydroquinone cream once a day to the darkened circumcision scar.
Wrapping for a few minutes at the base about once a day- based on Bigger’s results.

I have also begun light jelqing to promote circulation. But not enough even for maintenance.

My discoloration is about 20% better.
My thrombosed vein is about 1/4 its original size.

I have lost about 1/8”-1/4” more in girth gains, presumably from lack of any maintenance with girth exersizes. So I’m now sub- 5”. I just hope it comes back quickly.

This may not be the best idea at this time, but I also began hanging light weights for about 1/2 hour per day. I have not hung before. This is day 3.
My injuries came about from fully erect exercises, hence I feel safe hanging light weights flaccid.

I’m pretty sure the discoloration in my case came from hard Uli’s without enough warmup. As I mentioned I think discoloration can be prevented
before it starts by serious hot-wrapping before erect exercises. But I cant say anything about any potential discoloration from hanging.

I wish I could have read my post (& paid attention) before I started Uli-ing and horsing my dick to death. Ah well, coulda shoulda woulda.

Good luck,

"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

Hi skinneeD,

I’ve been having the same problem with you with a thrombosed vein for 1 week now. I’ve been taking ibprufren, asprin, niacin, hot wraps and other supplements, but it still hasn’t improved at all. Do you think light jelqing to improve blood flow will help get rid of the thrombose vein? Has it worked for you? Hope you recover soon.

About your dark discoloration, you might want to try

My thrombosed vein is taking about 6 weeks to heal so far.

luvdadus said to take 3-6 weeks off of any PE to let it heal:
lump- injury, (from horse’s stretch?) what should I do..

I’d take it easy for a while, there’s always time for gains (I keep telling myself that as well).

For me the light jelqing was more for the discoloration- It’s just to push some blood around there & maintain some circulation. Honestly I don’t think its significantly helped, but it makes me feel better to do it.

Many thanks for the suggestion for dermacure. Have you had any good results with it? If so please post.

Speedy recovery,


"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

I never used dermacure, I’ve read about it here. I have a white spot on my head that I received from incorrectly hanging the bib last year. I don’t want to use dermacure for that because I’m afraid it might get whiter. There are all sorts of creams to fade away dark discoloration on the net. You can do a search for ‘dermacure’ on this board. I found some results with that.

Modemmer describes his results with dermacure at

foreskin discoloration

Hope it helps.

I do my exercises in a hot shower. Is that just about as good as the hotwrap beforehand? Also the debate over whether wrapping afterwards could hinder gains has me weary of that.

my guess is that the shower will not give you the focused heat that true warmup exercises (hot wraps, dick in cup of hot water) give, and so is not as good.

The cells in your penis will not be as “loosened up” or thermally ready to relax to a new stretched state.

But maybe the PE experts might have more to say about that.


> Modemmer describes his results with dermacure at
> foreskin discoloration
> Hope it helps.

Mike, I think I will try the dermacure- Modemmer certainly had good things to say about it. I’ll post any results.


"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

Checkout The Cool Down Exercise @

Hot Warp? Well, it do help but is not always possible as PE sessions are rather private. It also do not dislodged tiny stale blood clots that tends to build-up during the exercise session.

You need alternative solutions. Checkout our cooling down methodology at Our site was setup by a group of 3 Physical Fitness Instructors (PFI) or exPFIs. It is the most comprehensive free site that carries a full PE course. We don’t even requires your Email Address for registration.

I checked it out. Just delete the period after “.com” from the link above. It is a free site although they do require a small donation to view any of the tutorials. Unlike this forum, it doesn’t stress that different routines may work well for different people. It’s more “this is the way!” The site is against hanging and stretching if I remember correctly, solely emphasizing jelqing. It’s still interesting to browse through.

Sometimes they have notes for those with “very small penises!” It’s just funny because someone who is 4.5 or 5 erect nbp here might consider themselves very small, while I think this site means very small = 2 or 2.5 nbp.

I Had a similar problem

I started PE back in 1999 and after a year on and off with decent gains I gained about 3 quarters of an inch (retained gains of a half inch after almost a three year layoff) I stopped due to injury . I got it while hanging and jelqing. discoloration on the head and circumcision scar area. I was really noticible to the point where I actually saw a Dr about it. A urologist to be specific. He actually wanted to know if the PE stuff works and was rather suprised when I informed him it did , In any event he told me to layoff and the discoloration would fade away and my sensistivity should return. It took a long while for the discoloration to completely fade away(maybe 4-6 months) It did however fade away and I kept most of gains. Due to time constraints I never was able to get back into PE and work to my goal of 8 inches length and 6 inches girth. I am back now however and my advice to you would be to take a break for awhile to allow yourself to heal. Hope this helps. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me, It may be awhile before I get back to you but I will try.

SkinneeD (or anybody else who can help ), iv just started including erect ULIs to squeeze type exercises to my routine, do you think a 2 minute hot water dip warm up and a shower warm down would prevent discoloration ?

Thanks for the advice & encouragement- it really is good to know that the discoloration can eventually go away if you stop. This may be the first I’ve heard this here. Maybe because most people including myself are too impatient to stop for 4-6 months. But that is good news.

I’m not too surprised that the urologist didn’t know about PE, especially given the stories I’ve read on these threads.

I should say I’m by no means an authority here, you should search the forum for answers to your questions- they’re all in the threads.

Honestly no I don’t think 2 minutes is enough time. Check the newbie faq
Hot Wraps
where it says 5-10 minutes *minimum* for a hot-wrap. I believe a hot water dip should be done for about the same amount of time.

I don’t think warm down is as important & some people claim it may work against gains. There are also some threads that encourage jelqing/wrapping after a workout to minimize discoloration.

Good luck,


"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

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