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Different routine from newbie's

Different routine from newbie's

Hello. I hope I’m starting this thread in the right forum. I decided to start to PE again after a 2 year break and I understand the newbie routine should be the place for me to start over but since I don’t have the time and privacy I used to have, I was wondering if I could change the routine a bit and instead of doing the stretches and jelqs on the same day, maybe I could do only stretches a day and then have a day just for jelqing. It would be a 5/2 routine. What I would like to know is if a routine like that could get me some gains.

It sounds like you have plenty of previous pe experience. The newbie routine is a great all around routine for everyone including advanced pe’ers. With that said, I think you have enough experience and know what you are looking for to make your own routine to suit your schedule.

Just watch your pi’s and make note of if it is effective or not and adjust it accordingly. I recommend the newbie routine but I see no issue with you making your own. Start a progress thread and keep us up to date!

Yes, that was what I was thinking, check my PI’s and possible gains and then take it from there. Consistency is key in PE and without it you won’t gain, with a 2 hour routine I won’t be able to be consistent, that’s the thing. Just because you have 5 minutes warm up, 10 minutes stretches, 10 minutes jelq and 5 minutes warm down, doesn’t mean it’s 30 minutes of PE, i usually take around an hour to fully complete a routine like that.

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