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Good day, all. I’ve been reading around the forums for about a month now. I started a basic routine about two weeks ago. I’ll list it at the end of my post.

On to my current issue. At the end of my session this morning I did a couple of stretches. The first straight down for 60 seconds. Next, I pulled straight up and after a few seconds I noticed I had some swellig on the underside of my glans. I am circumcised, but I have a nice gathering of skin just under the head. This skin has swollen up nicely. I’m guessing with blood from somewhere. Has this happened to anyone else? I do some holds, but not aggressively. Just a nice firm squeeze. I get a tad bit sore towards the end of my jelqing routine. So, I am concerned about my current condition and would like some opinions on the matter. It is a little tender, but I believe that is from gripping the skin for stretching. Doesn’t hurt “inside.”

5 minute warm up with rice sock
60 second stetching X 2 sets each direction (up, down, sides, down to the side)
25-25 dry jelqs (base-mid shaft)
5-7 20 sec holds
150 wet jelqs
couple more stretches
warm down in shower

I should add that the area that is “puffy” is soft, not hard.

Also, I do my routine one day on, one day off.


The swelling has went down a tiny bit, but still very puffy and noticeable. I got my D hard and tried some massage to aid in reduction of the swelling. Now I see that I have a small, hard bump on the right side just under the head. Is this a thrombosed vein? Crap! I was just getting comfortable with the whole PE thing, too!

I would go to the doctor and ask. It’s possible you were squeezing
or pulling too hard.

Take it easy.


I don’t wish to worry you but a hard bump doesn’t sound good. Cease PE for at least 5 days and in that time seek medical attention, preferably from a reputable urologist.
If your dick is swollen after a jelq session I would consider this normal. You can also enhance your flaccid girth and hang x10 by drinking a shed load of water each day, no joke (watch about overdoing it though because you risk flushing out valuable electrolytes from your body). My D is always a little ‘swollen’ and in my experience this comes after a hard jelqing session and is nothing to worry about. The hard patch, however, is a worry at least it would be for me!!

Take care and take the necessary time off to let your unit recover so that you don’t sustain further injury :(


Well, the puffy area has nearly returned to normal. I guess it was the infamous “donut” effect. Scared the stink outta me, but seems to rectify itself. I’d like to know how to prevent it in the first place.

I’m still not sure about the small bump, though. Through my search of this board and a couple of others, I may very well have a thrombosed vein. Some seem worse than others (mine, I guess, is on the milder side). No bruising or discoloration. I really have to search for it in the flaccid state, but it seemed rather prominent when erect. Regardless, it looks like I’ll have to take a little time off. Better safe than sorry. I’ll observe the bump for the next day or two before I decide to go to the doctor. If it does not change I expect they will tell me to simply rest.

I’d still like to hear some more comments, though. Particularly, what I may have done wrong and how this setback may affect future PE efforts.


I had to take about 4-5 months off with no PE at all, to allow for recovery from a thrombosed vein. This was a major drag and also a hard lesson!
I’d recommend seeing a urologist and just leaving it alone for a long time which is difficult but, then again, what’s the alternative????

Good luck.


Update: This morning the bump seems to be gone. I could not locate it last night either. I applied some moist heat for about 25 minutes (all I had time for) and did a little light massage. My morning woody did not show any indication of a thrombosed vein or bump. My D is a little sore all over, though it seems like it is just the skin. Again, it is probably from jelqing too hard. At the very least I’ll take the weekend off from PE,waiting until things return to normal. Longer if necessary. Thanks to those that posted with their comments.

Note to self: Don’t get stupid with PE….


Take it easy for a bit. It sounds to me like you’ve just had a mild doughnut (aka donut) effect experience. Of course, I could be wrong. You describing it as a “bump” kind of pushes me away from this idea, but it could be what it is.

Take a look at this great thread and see if it fits what you have/had:

Donut Effect

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Note that I had two events: the donut and the hard bump. I see them as separate from one another, though both were incurred from the vigorous jelqing. I will take a little time off. I’m still sore this afternoon with an off and on stinging sensation around the bump area. I expect it will subside soon enough.


So you did mention a bump in your other posts! That’s what I get for staying up all night and then trying comrehend what I’m reading at 9:30 in the morning.

I think you’re right on about taking some time off. Does the bump move with your skin?

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Nope, it did not move with the skin. It was gone that evening and still no sign of it this morning. Whew! Still a little sore in the area, but not as much. I expect I’ll be able to pick back up on Monday. I just wish I could figure out what caused the bump. I’m not real keen on that donut effect either. A little lighter on the jelqs may solve both. We’ll see.

Gone already.

Sounds great, then. Lighter jelqs sounds like a good idea, in my opinion. At any rate, good job on catching this quickly and taking the appropriate steps to let it heal.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

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