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Donut Effect


Donut Effect

There you are jelqing, and all of a sudden your penis looks like the stay-puff marshmallow man! What happened? Odds are, it’s the donut effect and you have just pushed too much fluid into your penis. This usually looks like it is described, like you have a donut on the end of your penis. What can you do? What are your experiences?

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Donut Effect

I’ve just had a very scary incident oa donut effect. I’ve previously been hanging with a BIB hanger BTC with 15# max. I decided to go up in weight to see if I could get more fatigue, after which I planned to reduce weight.

Well, I got about 10 min into first set w 18# and reduced to 13# for remaining 10min.

On second set I started with 13# and had to reduce to 10# after about ten minutes. When I finished with session and un wrapped there was a large donut just below my glans about 1/2 inch long.

Can anyone describe a cure for this kind of thing. It seemed to go away over night however it seems like fluit has migrated from donut to cause a fluid buildup under skin over whole penis. The skin looks very wrinkley over whole penis. I gave it complete rest for one day then tried hangnig again. The donut reappeared, looks terrible.

Any ideas appreciated Surfer1

I gotten this before and I just let it pass, because I know it will go away in a a hour or so.

My donut doesn’t go away. It’s not super prominent, but I can always see/feel it when I pull my foreskin over the glans.



This has just happened to me and it freaked me out. I came online to try and find out what happened. I was doing my usual routine which I’ve been doing for over a weak- it’s even less than the newbie routine. For the last two days I’ve had a tinglng sensation in my penis which comes and goes. Could this be related?



That tingling sensation your talking about I’ve had it too. Got the tingle back when I use to use the Grip. The grip grabs around the backside of the entire head and messes with the dorsal nerve(s) located on top of the shaft behind the head. You might have the same thing but sounds like a nerve thing to me.. tingling sensation I mean.

It was most noticeable when I would take a piss and shake out my member afterwards, man would it tingle and felt weird! Last time it happened I overdone the weight too much and shouldn’t have so I know that’s what did it for me. I took a couple days off, did nothing, and all got back to normal.
I’ve found the dounut effect also sometimes comes with the tingling but not always. I’d suggest a couple of rest days and all should straighten itself out.

Hope this helps,

Originally Posted by minty_trials
This has just happened to me and it freaked me out. I came online to try and find out what happened. I was doing my usual routine which I’ve been doing for over a weak- it’s even less than the newbie routine. For the last two days I’ve had a tinglng sensation in my penis which comes and goes. Could this be related?

When I have experienced some of my most productive phases of growth, I had a sort of tingling or itchiness that was similar to the tingling or itching you have when something is healing. If that is the kind of tingling you are having, it may not be a bad thing.

Look to your other PIs to get a little more insight about what this means for you: Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Praise the lord for this forum! I just got the donut effect tonight after a (what I thought was productive) jelq session, and of course I spent 10 minutes panicking that my penis was going to fall off. Glad to hear that’s not the case.

What if you have half a donut? It’s only swollen on one side.SCREWEDDD

Today I had for the first time the donut effect.
It was quite freaky I got to say. I red that it willl disappear
After a few hours? I updated my routine with kegels while jelqing.

Thats probably the cause I guess.
If anyone got other theories about why the donut appears hook me up.


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It happens to me somewhat frequently. It usually goes straight away if you massages the area gently.

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I can’t believe this thread is 7 years old with only 10 hits. I’ll comment briefly just to roll it over to page two. Personally, I don’t think the doughnut effect is necessarily a bad thing. The lymphatic swelling is one of the body’s way of, “Padding”, or protecting a traumatized area. Most men don’t like the looks of it, but the bulge is usually pretty short lived, and as said above can be massaged away fairly easily. I kind of like the bulge, because it serves as a buffer to keep the lead weights on after a workout, and to me any thicken of the shaft is a good thing. I’m not too concerned with a pretty dick, just a big one.

However, it is a good warning sign that you should ease off a bit, because if you are putting enough force on your dick to cause excessive lymphatic swelling, you may be doing other damage as well.

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No Nukes

I got the donut effect once when I jelqed really hard for ages. Didn’t worry me and like Girtha said extra thickness is extra thickness even if it is only temporary.

Hmmm wellcome to my first donut effect

Seems to be some good and some side effects to the donut.

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