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PE gains caused by bleeding and swelling?

PE gains caused by bleeding and swelling?

WebMD recently published a story online about Jelquing (article)

Basically the urologist that was interviewed said that the gains that are made are from constant swelling and internal bleeding in the penis. He also said that PE may cause erectile dysfunction later in life. Are there any physicians or others that can confirm or deny these claims?


First the doctor says that it works, by causing swelling. Then the second doctor says this:
“Anatomically and physiologically this is just wishful thinking,” urologist Ira Sharlip, president of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, writes in an email. “It’s all baloney until a real study with objective before and after measurements, verified by an independent source [since you can’t do a placebo comparison], proves that it works.”

I say fuck ‘em all.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I think this so called Dr.Tom Lue is full of shit. My first thought was why would he refer to the corpora cavernosa as a smooth muscle when in fact it is not? When I was searching the net for PE a lot of the more so called reputable sites say to be well aware of enlargement programs that refer to the penis as a muscle, I know other members on this board can vouch for that and I have yet to see anyone on this board say that the penis is a muscle. Swelling and bleeding under the skin? Where the fuck does that analogy come from? Has anybody here jelqed or squeezed so hard as to literally split open a cc or cs? Not that I have seen and I think you would have to have a higher than normal pain threshold to get to that point. This fucked up idiot must think we try to squeeze to the point of blowing up or we’re all just a bunch of half wits that think extreme pain is good. As for the other doc in this article is concerned I think he is afraid to admit that PE works without serious consequences when done sensibly and if he is looking for a study group he should sign on to this board, I’m sure that there are a few vets here that would be willing to any doubts about PE to bed.

I think that although most of have gained in penis size, we still have to keep an open mind. It is true that most doctors do not appreciate the power of current penis enlargement techniques. However, we must also keep their opinions in mind. After all, “He who knows only his side of the story knows little of that.”

P. S. I believe that it is appropriate to use “he” in the quote… at least for now.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!


Your right please don’t take any chances go find a nice safe hobby


I think this article went around a while back. Or at least one like it.

Concerning gains, it is really funny that the Dr. would even mention the internal smooth muscle. This smooth muscle only lines the interior of the vessels within the CC and CS. It actually has nothing to do with gains.

I have seen this other places about the increased pressure swelling the smooth muscle tissues etc. The deal is, these tissues will expand easily. In fact, the tissue is designed to expand. The limiting factor in gains, and what is tough to do is to expand and/or stretch the tunica.

The tunica is the structure which, under pressure, causes an erection. When pressure is raised to above normal, the tunica is what resists, not the internal tissues. The danger from PE girth exercises would come from tearing the tunica. But this would take a pre-existing condition such as peyronies, or an incredible amount of pressure.

I would hope nobody of sound mind would approach these levels of pressure.

The good Dr., it appears, does not understand how the penis works, or the dynamics of increasing internal penis pressure.


Thanks for your post Bib, it really states what my general opinion is in a more calm and rational manner. I tend to get a bit defensive when something that I know that is good and works gets attacked by someone that doesn’t have the whole story. Thanks for reminding me to keep an open mind, after all these guys are medical professionals in the fields of urology and sex. However, I do have the impression that this article was based on theoretical opinion rather than on practical fact and instead of just saying that these forums are on the net and making it sound like the “latest fad” they should have perhaps approached some of the vets such as yourself or Dld to get a more informed insight on the practical side of PE. My humble apology if I ruffled anybody’s feathers with my previous post on this subject.

Openmindedness...and caution.

The doc or whoever said this can be considered neither wrong nor right…or maybe both. I have no doubt in the possiblity that some of the gains folks report in G are really just alot of swell. What causes this (blood, lymph fluid, water?), I have only suspicions with no real research or facts. Hell, I’ve measured damn near 6” girth after fuckin’ around with a Uli thing. I know that it was temporary swell, but there are probably those out there who posted or would report this as a gain in real/tunical capacity girth. This may be what the Doc is referring to and extrapolting a bit too much on IMO. Fuck, he probably tried a pump or saw the results of short term pumping and this may have reinforced his opinion.
Conversely, there is another kind of G gain described above by Bib which we all like to chase and hopefully obtain. many have already done so effectivley to there delight. The Doc obviously does not acknowledge or may not even be aware of this type of gain. Perhaps it has to do with which kind is more common and possibly seen first in PE attempts. I know from experience that I made the same mistake in the past and looked at that swell very optomistically as a G gain. Further PE on an irritated dick taught me a bit of a lesson. Also learned from pondering the “contradictory pressure theory” from Bib as it relates to outside pressure on the tunica from swell while in a recovery phase.

What’s all this banter mean? Just a longwinded keyboard run about how we percieve dicks, docs, and differences in G. In a odd way, some of the potential truth AND misconceptions in these kind of articles can help the PE’er procede along the safe path to their goal. Not saying the veinous leakage/internal bleeding mentioned is all that common, but one has to admit the possiblities of such nasties when applying pressure to this organ. Also of utility is the ability to take a good, analytical check of any girth to ascertain what is really responsible for the change in the measurement. Are we really stretching the tunica or just irritating the cock with swell? We have thrown around some theories on what swell may be and some of it is an inevitable consequence of certain PE techniques. I found the extremes of this to be irritating to the dick and short lived on the measuring tape though it looked impressive for a while. I COULD qualify for the subject in the offending article if looked at through a narrow view which disregards all other possibilities. This is not a defense of an anti-PE position, but simply an attempt to understand the nature of the antiposition (antithesis?) as well as the more succesful PE’er and mix it in with my experience to get a fatter dick. Misconceptions of what was really happening in the short term led to alot of time and not much real tunica stretch in the long term. I think this an important considertion for many, especially the newbies. groa

Follow the money...

the reason this idiot fuck is spewing this shit is that it cuts into money making procedures for urologists - pure and simple. Of there were bleeding internally in the penis then you could be sure that the dick would shorten not lengthen because the body when trying to clean up the mess would end up laying down scar tissue that would cause something akin to peyronie’s. In essence every pe’er would have a shortened crooked dick.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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